Can we persuade you to visit Cirque Du Freak?

Cirque Du Freak
Do you love devilish behaviour? Do you love to jump out of your skin? Do you need a place where you will never have a peaceful sleep again? Are you in need of somewhere where you will get a chill to the bone?

Well stop right there! Cirque Du Freak is the place for you!

The Wolf Man(The real life werewolf)
Terrifying as he is, the wolf man is the only one of his kind, embraced by a mane of hair. His piercing grey eyes stare through the audience as they wonder if you are his next course. His menacing, blood covered teeth shine as bright as the sun! His presence fills the place with horror. Not only does he have a scary face, his ears are as big as a water bottle. His hair is as spiky as a hedgehogs and is raven black.

Pavanjit Bains, a fan of the freak show said : “ The show was gruesome, gory and grizzly. But the bearded lady was gorgeous, resplendent and elegant. This was the best show and everybody needs to see it”.

Abdul Hussain, an enthralled customer said : “ That was the coolest show ever! Especially Rhamus Twobellies. He ate all of that metal so quickly and he actually had two stomachs. That bearded lady had such a long beard (I wish I could marry her). That Alexander Ribs guy put his head right through his legs!”

Bone rattling and head clattering
This show will rattle your bones and leave you with a chill of frights. It will ban you from sleeping for the rest of your life. You would love to come. You will cry yourself to death if you don’t!

14 thoughts on “Can we persuade you to visit Cirque Du Freak?

  1. Hi guys it’s me Aminah. I’ve got a ton of HW. I actually want to come back to school. It’s so hot here. I’m currently doing my homework. And yes you can persuade me to go and visit the cirque du freake. Mr Murphy can you tell me my pass and username for the school blog so I can tke photos of me exploring. I hope everyones okay.😋

    • Hey Aminah. Can you send me an email address in a comment. that I can reply to. Obviously don’t want to make your details public. I’ll be able to see the email address but no one else will.

      Hope you’re having fun!

      • Hi sir its faizah
        If you have time on friday can you take a pic of year6 pupils
        I hope everyone does great in the romeo and juliet peformance
        By the way its great
        Miss you all

  2. Hey guys me Aminah writing. Hope everyone’s well. Yes you can persuade me to visit the cirque du freake. I especially like the last paragraph. Mr can you tell me my password and user so I can post. Please share with the class.😋

  3. Sir can you help me I need help on fanboy for English homework and can you put up the pages we need to do please 👏🏾 I feel like this 😬😩for sats don’t think 💭 I’m ready

    • Hey Orion. You have nothing to worry about. I’m not able to get on to the school system to tell you the pages. Can you contact anyone else from the class and see if they can tell you?

      Please don’t worry. I’ll be happy to go through it with you on Monday.

      Mr M

  4. Hi sir I’m back I couldn’t send the adress because there was no Internet connection but when I do come back I’ll still tell you what I did and if it was fun or not. It’s cold here but in Pakistan it wad boiling. And sir am I allowed to bring in chewing gum for the class.

    I’ll see you back at school

    From Aminah💖

  5. Hey Mr Murphy, it is Sarah I hope you guys are well. This is very gruesome but that is how it is interesting. nobody worry about sats, if the homework is easy the chances are that the test is easy.

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