Can we persuade you to visit Cirque Du Freak?

Cirque Du Freak

Are you interested in eccentric behaviour? Do you love to get your soul frightened out of your body? Do you want to make the unbelievable believable? Are you in need of making your nightmares a reality?

Well stay right where you are – Cirque Du Freak, with its excruciating, agonising torment and torture, is coming to a town near you!

The Wolfman

The Wolfman, in all its horror, is a vicious beast that could remove a head in a single bite. With its hunched back like a question mark and piercing red eyes, its terrifying presence is enough to give a grown man a heart-attack. This merciless beast’s face is emaciated and gaunt-looking, but don’t be fooled; it is a ruthless killer. Brutal, barbaric and blood-thirsty, its grizzled tufts of hair can petrify an audience. Saliva dribbles down his yellow-teeth-filled mouth as sweat trickles down his chest.

A cast-iron configuration is needed to withstand this living hell…

Quotes from dazzled viewers

Heart pounding, soul stunned and face wet with perspiration, Steven Daniels said: “Oh my god! Was that amazing or what?! I didn’t realise how gruesome that was going to be, I definitely wouldn’t be able to take my scaredy-cat sister. It was grotesquafabulaous when the Wolfman bit off that woman’s arm. Cirque Du Freak is one of the best performances ever. Oh! And how that fat guy ate was incredible. The goodies you can buy are quirky and outlandish. How I yearn and pine to watch it again and again!”

Dazzling and enthralling

The only words to describe this show are gory, gruesome and grotesque. It’s full of devilish yet captivating acts that leave you hungry for more. It’s an experience that is unforgettable, indelible and breath-taking. I guarantee that you will rejoice in the abundance of freaks, but I think it’s time you saw it for yourself-don’t you?

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