Half term!

Well done everyone for all of your hard work over the past half term – please have a well deserved rest during the week, but please remember to do your homework!

Just so you know, this is what we’d like you to do and the days you need to do it by:

Reading (Monday 28th February): Book 2
‘The Kon-Tiki Voyage’ Pg 4-13
‘Jason and the Argonauts’ Pg 14-22

Mathematics (Tuesday 1st March):
Pages 18 – 27, plus any mymaths homework you have been set.

Spelling (Wednesday 2nd March):
Pages 10 – 15

Grammar (Thursday 3rd March):
Pages 10 – 15

Punctuation (Friday 4th March):
Pages 10 – 15

If you have any questions about homework during the holidays, leave a comment and we’ll try to get back to you.