Skeleton Menace

Feeling weary, Michael was about to go to sleep after a lengthy day, when his glass of milk fell out of his hands. He had seen a skeleton face pointing at him in the mirror. He rubbed his eyes. It was gone. He stared at the mirror. Michael that he was loosing his marbles as he shrugged. He needed a rest.

Before he rested, Michael scrutinised his surrounding area, everything looked normal. His TV was still on and the unfinished toast was still on the table. He was still not satisfied. He checked the gloomy attic, everything seemed normal. He calmed and settled.

He paced up the winding stairs as the rail abruptly came on. It sounded like it was not tuned properly, then came a screeching sound . He was confused. How did it turn on? The sound seemed like it was going on forever. It only lasted a minute but it felt like an hour.

The ear-splitting sound of the radio had finally stopped. Then all the lights flickered. The there was a deafening bang on the window. He did not know what it was. His head dripped with beads of sweat. His heart stood still, his mouth dropped open and he began to shake, rapidly.

The window slowly opened. Michael tried to run but with one point of the figure’s bony finger, Michael came to a halt. He turned his head slowly and witnessed a skeleton figure. It was hooded and a menacing bandanna covered his nose. Michael tried to scream but nothing came out.

By Zane