Our special delivery


Today we received a very special delivery from Mary Berry. Last half term we created e-books on a ‘Great’. Aleena, Bridget and I chose ‘the Great British Bake Off’. We wrote a letter to Mary Berry asking her for any information and she sent us a signed post card. We are all really pleased with our special delivery!


Year 6’s ebooks

Over the past half-term, year 6 has been creating ebooks to show to year 5 and give them information on a particular subject. We were required to do over 6 chapters on the particular subject we had chosen. Some of the topics covered were:

The Great Gatsby
The Great Barrier Reef
The Great White Shark
The Great Fire of London
and many more.

Have a look at us sharing our ebooks with year 5.

Can you tell us one fascinating fact you have found out about our topics.


Our Ebooks

Today we shared our Ebooks with year 4. We all really enjoyed sharing them and they all said they were really impressed and learnt a lot. We can’t wait to share them with year 5 tomorrow.

We will be uploading our Ebooks soon. Watch is space!