Our special delivery


Today we received a very special delivery from Mary Berry. Last half term we created e-books on a ‘Great’. Aleena, Bridget and I chose ‘the Great British Bake Off’. We wrote a letter to Mary Berry asking her for any information and she sent us a signed post card. We are all really pleased with our special delivery!


Year 6’s ebooks

Over the past half-term, year 6 has been creating ebooks to show to year 5 and give them information on a particular subject. We were required to do over 6 chapters on the particular subject we had chosen. Some of the topics covered were:

The Great Gatsby
The Great Barrier Reef
The Great White Shark
The Great Fire of London
and many more.

Have a look at us sharing our ebooks with year 5.

Can you tell us one fascinating fact you have found out about our topics.