The roads in the Victorian times

By Danish Mohammed

As the horses clattered, loud bells rang from the local church. People were chattering whilst the birds tweeted. Doors were opening and closing as the freezing wind wondered about. People walked slowly like snails along the bumpy road, returning home from work.

Children were running about, coming home from school. The sun was setting as people went to their homes. Handsome cab drivers were shouting at their horses to go faster. Shop owners were closing their little shops as the chickens went hurried back to their warm, safe nest.

The empty street was quiet and shutters came down. It was soon dim and gloomy. It was dark like a black hole. Everything was as silent as if no one was ever there.

Vile Victorians

In out topic we are learning all about the Victorians. We get to pick which activity we want to do. The more we do the more points we earn. All the activities are all based on Victorian times.All of these activities will help us to learn more about life in Victorian times and help us create our own Victorian market for our parents.
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The case of the stolen sparklers


Today we started our new book ‘The case of the stolen sparklers.’ It is set in the Vicorian era and is a mystery book. We have to help Sherlock Holmes solve the mystery of the stolen sparklers.

Mrs Mountjoy is a wealthy lady who owns lots of very expensive jewellery. One day her jewels go missing.

We have met four characters in the story which are now suspects. Polly the skivvy, Violet the maid, Mrs Ford the cook and Mr Harper the butler. We all had to predict who we thought the theif was. I think it’s Polly because she loves jewels and had the most opportunities to steal them.

By Luwis