Licked by Paul Jennings. By Khushi

Today, in English we have been reading a short story called Licked. It’s about a boy Called Andrew who plays a trick on his dad when his boss comes for tea. We all had a part to play,we had to act it out . We also had to do freeze frame.When we where doing the freeze frame activity we had to freeze like one of the different people sitting on the dining table in role as Andrew, Andrew’s dad ,the boss or mum.


Year 6 Walsall Art Gallery.

Today we took all of Year 6 to Walsall Art Gallery. We had a fantastic day and the children loved all of the activities organised for them. We made our own works of art using play-dough and pencil sketches.
We spent time looking at the art work but also focussing on the layout and organisation of the gallery so that we can create our own art gallery in school as part of our topic: “Oh What A Picture!” .


Year 6’s visit to Walsall Art Gallery.

Today year 6 visited Walsall Art Gallery. We went to learn about the set up, organisation and day to day running of the gallery in order to learn more about art and to get ideas for our school art gallery for parents. (Our topic this term is “Oh what a picture!” )As we moved around the gallery we sketched pictures that we liked and put green cards next to art that we did like and red cards next to art that we didn’t like.

Take a look at the pictures that we took…


The Egg challenge!

The egg challenge was a fun and interesting activity in the forest at Calthorpe Haven.

During this activity we had to use all our 4 R’s. As soon as we got there we sat around the Fire Circle and Mrs Sodhi discussed the rules with us. The first materials we got from Mrs Sodhi were a piece of felt and a sheet of paper. Then all the groups set off to find their own resources to protect the egg. People used creative things like plastic bags, bird boxes and grass.

Our aim was to protect the egg from breaking when thrown from a height. Many of us were successful at this and used different resources and were able to prevent our egg from breaking.20140903-144014.jpg