The GR8 ebook by Amara 6c

Today in y6 we have been presenting to y4 our ebooks about the gr8’s of the world. Mine was the Great White Shark and my y4 said: My ebook was very clear and punctuated, also my pictures in my ebook linked with the text very well. After I had showed my Y4 pupil my ebook I asked some questions about what my y4 had learnt and what they liked about it. When I had returned back to my class I had to do an evaluation about my ebook. Have a look at us showing our ebooks to year 4.


E-safety day


Today has been e-safety day. We watched a video on e-safety and then did some drama around the importance of it.
We were given a challenge where we were given 4 cards and had to turn them into a play for the other pupils to guess the moral of the story. It was all to do with keeping yourself safe when using devices. For example, we were given these cards: parent (character), park (place), laptop (device) and surprised (emotion). We used this to create a story about the consequences of bullying on the internet.

We know the internet is a very powerful tool to use to help us learn but we also need to be very aware of the dangers awaiting us.

By Shaynie