The launch of the 4 Rs

The four R’s by Navdeep

Today we have been using all four R’s which are: resilience, resourcefulness, reflectiveness and relationships. Firstly, we used our resilience R to create origami crowns. I have enjoyed it because even though I didn’t succeed my challenge, I used my persistence power to achieve my goal. As soon as we finished, we all took a picture showing how proud we were of our crowns. After that we used our resourcefulness R while finding a bag containing: a fresh apple, a mirror, car keys, a London tube pass, a book and an umbrella. Later on, we thought of some questions we would ask ourselves. While using our reflectiveness R, with a partner, we were told to make a snakes and ladders grid. Finally we used our relationships R, we had to imagine we were trapped in a hot air,we had to collaborate and explain why you should stay in the hot air balloon. One person has to sacrifice their life, the other 5 get to the start of the week random words began to appear on our whiteboards. At first I thought it was a trick, however now we relies it was part of the 4 R’s.