Vile Victorians by Navdeep.

Today we had a Victorian afternoon to kick start our topic ‘Vile Victorians’. The teachers were outside after lunch and made boys and girls line up separately. We were then asked to get in height order in silence. I didn’t like how strict the teachers were!
We then did various different drills outside before coming into the classroom. We were all cramped in rows in Mrs Crofts classroom as this is what it would have been like in the Victorian times. Boys sat on one side of the room and girls sat on the other.
We had to put our hands out, palm down for a hand inspection. Some children had to stand up as they were wearing nail vanish or had dirty fingernails! The teachers had a cane so if you were naughty or spoke out of turn, you would get hit with it! (They didn’t actually hit us though!)
We then had to do the three ‘R’s’. They were aRithmetic, wRiting and Reading. We started of with reading. We had to recite a poem off the board and then we did arithmetic where we chanted times tables and last but not least we did writing. The only problem was that if you were left handed you had to write with your right hand! We wrote the alphabet on slates with chalk because they wouldn’t have had pens and paper in the Victorian times. If your letters were not all the same size then you would have to start again. This was very frustrating!
Overall, we all had a great afternoon however we are all very thankful we were not alive in the Victorian times and our teachers are not that strict!

Take a look at us working hard in our Victorian lesson.