Olympic dance

Today we have been putting together a sequence of Olympic sports for our PE lesson.
Our aim was to be able to perform fluently and with control.

Our WILF is:
Controlled movements
Fluency from one sport into the other
Perform expressively
Use facial expressions and body language to show emotion.

Please help us improve by telling us what our next steps are.

Olympic dance from Bearwood on Vimeo.

Olympic dance from Bearwood on Vimeo.

The Giants Necklace

Year 6 have been putting themselves in the shoes of a character from the story Giants Necklace. We put our feeling, thoughts, what we could hear or see on post it’s. We wrote different colour post it’s for each one. Here are the post it note colours
See – green
Hear – yellow
Thoughts – orange
Feelings – purple
Have a look at our pictures showing how we were trying to be the character from the story.