6FD Shakespearian insults

6FD have also written some Shakespearian insults to incorporate into our Romeo and Juliet script.

A selection of these are below:


Thou art a saucy onion-eyed micro-scopic plankton. (Joshua)

Thou art a simmering,  lily-livered,  ticklebrained chicken!  (Dalip).

Thou art a ill-breeding cow who has no friends. (Ryan)

Thou art a gnarling, muddy mettled, sour faced rat scallion.  (Max)

Thou art a peevish,clay haired pantaloon. (Simran)

Thou art a fat, greasy, onion eyed, raw pig-boned younker. (Alyan)

Thou art a hideous, ill-breeding dog fished sucker brain (Raees)

Thou art a distempered clay-brained clotpole (Jaspreet)

Thou art a greasy, sour-faced rabbit sucker! (Aaron)

Thou art a peevish, wanton motley-minded scullion (Sidra)

Thou art a paper-faced, distempered dog-sucking nut-hook (Ali)

Thou art a queasy, onion-eyed eggshell. (Aaliya)