Shakespearian insults!

This morning Year 6 have been absolutely vile to each other! However, this was all in the name of acting and preparing for Romeo and Juliet. We have had great fun generating insults from Shakespearian times.

We have been working on getting in role and making the delivery of our lines seem convincing. We have had to consider our tone of voice, facial expression and body language / stance.

Why not try out some from the selection below?

Thou art a rank, onion-eyed fish dog! (Becky)

Thou art a prating muddy-mettled rabbit-sucker! (Zoe)

Thou art a sottish shag-eared gull-catcher (Shawon)

Thou art not  worth the vile, filthy dust which the ignorant, inconsiderate wind blows in your grotesque, disfigured face!

Thou art a greasy, raw-boned pantaloon! (Chloe)

Thou art a greasy, fat-kidneyed younker! (Shawon)

Thou art a saucy gnarling dog hearted moldwarp! ( Harjunpreet)

Thou art a yeasty, shag-eared, motly minded rabbit sucker!  (Jai)

Thou art a queasy, bunch-backed miscreant (Jai)

Thou art a hideous,paper faced rabbit sucker. (Shannon)

Thou art a greasy, fat kidneyed younker. (Shannon)

 Thou art unfit for any place but the raging inferno of hell!  (Ismaeel)
Thou art a bawdy white-livered canker-blossom (Richard)
Thou art a hideous horn-mad egg-shell (Sana)
Thou art a hideous, greasy, fat-kidneyed ill-breeding hedge-pig (Usman)
Thou art a rank yeasty weak-hinged rabbit sucker! (Harjun)
Thou art a grizzled, churlish raw-boned malt-worm! (Ismail)


William Shakespeare: This is your life. Blog post by Simran

This is your life from Jo.homer on Vimeo.

This is your life from Jo.homer on Vimeo.

This is your life from Jennifer Martindale on Vimeo.

This is your life. from Jo.homer on Vimeo.

William Shakespeare, this is your life from Jo.homer on Vimeo.

This week we have been researching biographical information about William Shakespeare. When we first started working on this topic last week, nobody knew anything about William but after working very hard we managed to make our own video about his life! We didnt even know he lived in the West Midland before this week! We had to find lots of research about his life and turn it all into a script. We worked in groups to write the script and when we had finished it we wore costumes and used props and filmed it. Everybody has had lots of fun doing this topic!
By Simran

Who lives in a house like this? By Shannon

Last half-term we started a topic called Who lives in house like this? The topic was all about houses in different countries.

In this topic we had to decide which house we wanted to make  and not only did we have to make them, but we also had to do research about the house type and what the climate is like in the country. We then found out how the house was adapted to its environment.

In this topic we had to use loads of skills which were like sawing wood and you had to be good at art and had to have a imagination.  We were allowed to make the houses out of loads of materials eg. wood,cardboard boxes and lots more.

Everyone tried the best and it also took a lot of time but we are proud we persevered because all of our models look great! What do you think? Can you decide which country the houses come from? We will upload some of our research too incase you would like to learn more.

Please take a look at our houses: