My Trip To The National Space Centre By Udeshpal

On Saturday 18th May 2013, my family and I went to the national space centre. When we got there my dad and mum paid for tickets whilst me and my 2 brothers were excitedly looking around. We could see amazing things such as astroids, the satellite from space and planets. When we got to the main entrance we explored some more and we read lots of information about outer space and about the milky way. Did you know that the solar system has over 200 billion stars,  it’s made up of other galaxies and it’s almost as old as the Universe?

The second place we went to was where we had to do a mission to launch on to 1 of the moons of the planet Jupiter named Euthopa to see if there was any form of life on it. Euthopa is an icy and water is inside the moon. Did you know that there is more water on Euthopa then on Earth?

Then we did lots of fun tasks  about space. There was a space crane system game to see if you would be a good cranesman and I got the highscore. After doing all of the tasks me and my family had lunch.

After Lunch, my family and I went to this place called Sir Patrick Moore planterium and he made a presentation named we are Aliens which was narrated by Rupert Grint. It was a presentation about if there was life on planets. It was shown across the whole room. That was the best part there.

When we finished the first floor, all of us went to the third floor and there was lots of more information about Russia be cause they had a kind of a fight with the americans so on the third floor it was about the Russians making Laika the russian dog go into space. Sadly when Laika was coming back to Earth she died so then the Russians sent Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin to space so they could be the first country to lift a man up into space. When they suceeded, they knew that the americans were planning something and they were. They sent Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin on July 20th, 1969 to walk on the moon.

When we looked at everything on the 3rd floor then we went to the 4th floor. On that floor it was about the americans. They sent Ham the Chimpanzee into space. Sadly Ham died but he had died peacfully. After learning all fo that information about space, my family and I went home.





Chelsea 3-4 Manchester City – A fascinating game!

Last night these two teams really went at it. Chelsea were dominating after Demba Ba put the Blues ahead and was followed by Cesar Azpilicueta’s clinical penalty and an Oscar deadly finish. You would think a Chelsea win- think again. Javi Garcia pulled one back and City were soon level after 2 devastating finishes from Edin Dzeko. 90th minute, you think a thrilling 3-3 draw, once again think twice! Micah Richards had done it for City deep into added time. The two sides meet again tomorrow on the 25th!

Fascinating facts about tigers from Hermina

Tigers are the biggest cats in the world They live in steamy hot jungles as well as icy cold forest. There are five different kinds or subspecies of tiger alive in the world today. These tigers are called Siberian, South China, Indochinese, Bengal and Swnatran. Tigers are an endangered species; only about five thousand to seven thousand four hundred tigers are left in the wild. Three tiger subspecies, the Bali, Javan and Caspian tigers have become extinct in the past 70 years.

A tiger can eat 100 pounds of meat a night! They need a lot of food because they go days between meals.

You can hear a tiger roar over a mile away!

Tigers have eyes that are brightest of any other animal in the world. At dusk, or in the beam of a torch, they blaze back the ambient light with awe-inspiring intensity.

Tigers can see in the dark six times better than humans can. They can also see in colour.

Young tigers live with their mother until they are two to three years old, then they find their own territories.

A tigers paw prints are called pug marks.

Tigers that live in cold climates (Siberian tigers) have thicker fur than tigers that live in warm climates.

The life span of tigers in the wild is thought to be about 10 years. Tigers in zoo’s live twice as long.



The Haunted hotel David + Mariamu

“I’m so bored,” David said.
“So am I. I like the summer holidays but I find there is nothing to do” Max replied.
“I know. Why don’t we go on a road trip?”
“What a brilliant idea. Let’s get packing.”
David, who was an ordinary 17 year boy, was bored of staying at home for the whole of his summer holidays and wanted to go and explore the countryside so Max (his friend) and David decided to go on a road trip for 4 weeks.
“Where are we going David?” Max asked.
“I’ve booked us into a real nice hotel in Devon,” David replied.
“Wow that sounds nice. I can’t wait.”
After several hours of travelling, they eventually arrived at the hotel however it wasn’t was it looked like on the website.
The boys looked up at the tall, imposing building which was in front of them. The hotel was falling down. It was a pile of stones, shattered walls and empty, gaping window frames.
“I’m not staying here,” Max shouted.
“Well we have paid for it now. I’m sure it won’t be that bad inside.” David said looking worried.
As they approached the entrance, the color drained from David’s face. The entrance was blocked by a metal door with ancient symbols on it.

Slowly, Max went first and cautiously opened the heavy door on to the room and the walls were all dirty. “That is it I’m not staying here!” Max shouted, Max ran down the broken stairs quickly, he had to tell the captain of the hotel and he had to give me my money back. “I’m not staying here then” Max shouted
The captain shouted to Max, “Don’t shout at me because I’m the captain.” Max kept shouting at the captain and the captain was so fed up that he ate Max.
A couple of hours later, David was thinking wheres Max? He supposed to be here with me . David went downstairs and told the captain that his friend wasn’t any where to be seen, maybe he’s gone home, but surely he wouldn’t leave me would he? But he did say that he would not stay here. The captain told David that his friend Max had made the wrong choice and the hungry ghost had eaten him.
B,Petrified and worried, David’s voice trembled. “Oh no! I’m probably going to be next.” But I need to sleep im so tired he said to himself.
The clouds, where as black as coal, and the lightning tore through the night sky, blinding him as it flickered in and out of the clouds. David was petrified, the lights in the hotel had a mind of their own.On, off, on, off, they went. As the lights went off again, David was walking and he didn’t know where he was walking, he reached out and felt a warm sticky substance on his hand. The lights came back on,it was blood there was blood all over the walls. There was something written on the walls, it said that I will eat you this night “Oh no I better escape before that ghost eats me” David packed his things, he ran as fast as a cheetah down the twisty stairs to escape. The doors were closed and he could hear a mumbled voice“You can’t escape me” it was that ghost again.
The ghost came out to eat David. “Help!” David screamed!
“No one is here to hear you” the ghost cackled with a laughing face. David was petrified that the ghost was going to eat him. David shouted to the ghost and the the ghost was so fed up of people shouting at him so he ate David like an animal there was blood all over the walls.

Within by Gautam and Shawon


At the end of the narrow road lies a forbidding, isolated and disregarded manor; its entire dilapidated exterior is coated with ivy. Additionally, the shattered windows of the neglected, antique house are boarded…

Last year, an innocent, vulnerable adolescent, eager to know what was in the disregarded, abnormal mansion, was reluctantly attempting to enter through the entrance of the abandoned home. With dreary clouds casting shadows over the bleak, imposing gravestones, every nerve of the juvenile was tingling with premonition of imminent peril.

Suddenly, she heard a distinct moaning. Eager to know what was making the irritating noise, the girl entered the target building (inside, however, her heart was rapidly pounding.)

The house seemed to be derelict and sinister: the only sign of life was a torn curtain hanging across one of the upstairs portholes. BANG! In an instant, the adolescent, as fast as lightning, dashed up the stairs until she became aware of an abnormal room. Captivated, intrigued, engrossed, she entered the room. She observed the area and noticed an inscrutible, extraordinary box, with the words: “BEWARE!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. PROVIDING YOU TAKE ONE FATEFUL LOOK, YOUR FEARS WILL TURN INTO REALITY!!!”

Intrigued, she opened the box… “AAAAAH!!” She screamed in agony.

30 years later:

A vulnerable adolescent, on a dreary, sinister day, was standing outside as his eye caught an atypical, mysterious manor. Captivated, the juvenile entered the dilapidated, treacherous mansion…

…As he entered the abnormal manor, the adolescent suddenly heard a distinct moaning. Intending to search for the source

The Grave Run by Jaspreet and Simran


Please feedback on this first draft of the opening to our horror story:

The grave run …

“Mom, dad see you soon I’m going to play football in the park “yelled 11 year old Paul smith. He stepped out of his old front door and walked to the park. But all of a sudden he was all alone no friends no body. In anger he blasted the ball over the green gates of the park and into the murky and dark graveyard next door.

Paul dashed out of the park and towards the rusty, brown gates of the graveyard.

“Help, my ball it has gone over into your grave yard somebody anybody open these gates, please” begged Paul.

Paul gazed at the opening hours and saw a tarnished sign saying ‘Open at midnight onwards.’ Slowly he turned around and carried his journey back home. As he walked he thought to himself “I’ll just have to sneak out at midnight”. He got home just in time for dinner.


“Where have you been?” Your father and I have been waiting for you for hours!” Shouted Mrs. Smith

“I’m sorry mum but I told you I was going to play football.”

After Paul had eaten his dinner he changed out of his sweaty football clothes and into a clean, white tracksuit. As soon as the clock struck midnight, Paul tiptoed quietly as a mouse down his creaky, wooden stairs and out of his front door.

Paul ran all the way to Spooks lane where the old graveyard was. Spooks lane was a bad place to be on your own at night. There had been stories of people being killed. But this didn’t bother Paul all he wanted was his football.

Possessed By Rohan and Jai

This is the first draft of the opening to our horror story. Please feedback and  let us know what works well and how we could improve.



It was a dusky afternoon, when Chris amd Simon (two very scruffy boys) decided to go on a walking trip. Simons black denim coat made him feel casual, but smart. Chris, however, was wearing torn trousers with a top which looked like was covered in dry blood.

As they were mid-way through their trip, a massive thunderstorm happened. Simon quickly flicked his hood onto his head in order to protect himself from the heavy rain. 

The two boys began to walk down a lengthy path. They began to see feathery shadows blanketing the bear ground. Chris’ face was constantly attacked by the rain pelting down at full force.

About fifteen minutes later, Chris and Simon knew deep inside that they were lost, but they couldn’t face the fact and were too stubbern to admit it. The two boys kept on walking on and on, hoping the gods were pointing them into the right direction. Suddenly, Simon spotted something which looked like a mansion. “Hey, what is that in the distance” pointed out Simon.
“Yeah, it looks like a mansion lets head there; at least it will keep us from the rain for a while.
” Chris replied with joy written all over his face.

After a tiring walk they noticed that they had reached there unorganised destination. There was a sign which the words were to faded to see properly, but Simon managed to spit out the words: ‘THE ASYLUM’.