This is my blog post about animal adaption.  I hope you enjoy reading it.

Animals all have very different features depending on how and where they live- this is called adaption.

For example:

Fish are adapted to live in the sea. They have a tail and fins which allow them to get oxygen from the water so that they can breathe. Cats are adapted to live on land. They have legs which allow them to walk and run; claws to help them climb trees and catch prey; and lungs to breathe air.


three questions

1) butterflies and birds all have wings.

What does this tell you about how they move around?

2) Whales live in the sea but they have lungs, not grills.

What does this tell you about how they breathe?

3) Bats have fur, wings, lungs and teeth.

What does this tell you about how they live?

Please comment on my blog post and have ago at trying the question.

My Easter Holidays By Udeshpal

This post is about what I did in the easter holidays.

On Friday 29th March I went to a house in Bromsgrove because one of my family friends were getting married so we went over to their house. When we got there the bride had something called a bridal shower to make her look healthy and glowing. Then on saturday we went over there again for a party and finally on Sunday we went to the temple because that was the day of the marriage. When the marriage was complete me and my family left  the Gudwara and we went to ‘The Venue’ to have a wedding party. It was exhilerating! When the bride and groom were coming out some people were playing indian drums called ‘dhols’. As it is tradition, the bride and groom had to do the first dance. When they finished the first dance, everyone else joined them on the dance floor and started to party. 30 minutes later the bride and groom came to the middle of the dance floor to cut the cake. We went home full of cake and fun!

On Friday 5th April me and my family went to London because another family friend was getting engaged. When we got there we started to unpack everything and then we all sat down and talked after our journey. There were 2 other people living there and they also had a cat named Snowie. After talking we all had dinner and then we got some decorations to put up so it is all ready for the big day. After putting the decorations up, went to sleep to get ready for the celebration. On Saturday we woke up extra early to get ready. My dad and my brother got some food from a shop and everyone else started to get dressed and pampered. When they got back, my dad and my brother got ready and then just 2 minutes later the groom had arrived with all of his family. Me and my two brothers had to go upstairs so we didn’t ruin the engagement. When the engagement was over everyone started to dance. After dancing we had some food and then some ice cream. After that all the guests went and we all put the house as it was and then after all that we all were tired so we went to sleep.

On Sunday we left London but before leaving we went to the grooms house and me and my 2 brothers went into 1 room whilst the adults were chatting in another. After that we just went home without stopping and then we went to my grandad’s house for dinner. After dinner we went home, got the suitcases out of the car and then went to sleep. And that is what I did in the easter holidays. Comment below and tell me what you did in the easter holidays.


Zoe’s Letter to Mr Compton

Dear Mr Compton,
In response to your letter regarding the forthcoming council meeting, I am writing to express my views on the graffiti in Sandwell area, as requested.

My name is Charlie Dunsep I am a park keeper. As I see it, graffiti is an eyesore and gives a strong impression of uncaring and indifferent society. In my experience less people are visiting my parks due to the unsightly graffiti that sometimes contains obcence messages.

Furthermore, in my opinion both the police and   the council  are not being proactive enough in tackling graffiti.  In the park that i patrol, graffiti is a regular occurance; I have to deal with this issue at least once a week. This causes me to waste my precious time on buying cleaning products.

Despite the fact that I’ve sent numerous letters of complaints, I feel  that the response has been unsatisfactory and on some occasions I don’t receive any form of acknowledgment! This is wholy unacceptable.

Is it any wonder that graffiti is escalating out or control?



On the basis of the evidence presented as you can see (please see the top). I hold very strong opinions concerning the issue and will be attending the meeting to argue my case.

Yours Sincerely

Charlie Dunsep  

Simran’s letter to Mr Compton

Dear Mr Compton,

In response to your recent letter, I am writing to inform you about the on going graffiti problem in my area. I am currentley living on Fountain Road where there are several vandals targetting this area, causing lots of trouble and distress. Consenquentley, many local residents avoid venturing outside after daylight hours.

Unfortunatley, this issue seems to have escalated in recent months. Recentley I have been feeling increasingly frustrated by the racous teenagers who hang out on the streets, surrounding mu house. I regulary feel intimidated and helpless in this situation. I have made several furious phone calls to the police and I have written numerous heart-felt complaint letters to the council. However I have been inimpressed by their lack-lustrue response!

In my opinion, I think that under 16’s should not be able to acsses spray pain cans. the law on buying spray paint should be tightened. Whenever I g0 to the park for a walk, the walls and benches look disgraceful because they are covered in swears and inappropriate words. The park is always full of vandals doing graffiti and vandalism on the park property. I am aware that not all graffiti is vandalism; I think that some graffiti is beautiful and mesmeric art. However illegal graffiti gives the visual impression of an uncaring and indifferent society which doesn’t care for their enviroment.

Futhermore. I think I should bring my opinions to the meetings which include people who have been affected by the increasing graffiti problem going on in this area. It is definatley worse in the evening as vandals can slip through the dark and do graffiti on on people’s prperty.

In conclusion, I belive that all graffiti should be stopped and people who are caught perpetating should be fined or put in jail. As you can see I hold very strong opinions concerning the issue and will be attending the meeting to argue my case.