Spatric -Non chronological report by Aarondeep


Ever since the 1823 when Bob Smith (founder of the infamous the S.P.O.O.C.S organization) claimed that there were merciless ghosts called Spatric, there has been: things moving in the house, screaming noises, possessing souls and there have been dead bodies lying around in houses. The Spatric are renowned for causing this kind of trouble. ‘The Spatric have gripped people’s imaginations’ said Bob Smith. The Spatric, (one of the most meddlesome creatures on this planet), belongs to the spark family.


The Spatric is a carnivore and they usually hunt for human beings and small mammals. It normally swings back and forth about 2 meters above the ground, using its sensitive hearing and great smell to spot its prey. If suitable the Spatric lifts its arms and jumps. (This is a sign that it might be ready for its dinner. Once in this position, its yellow teeth which crumble like ancient tombstones every time it screams, rapidly demolish its prey. The prey is often swallowed whole and the indigestible parts such as the bones and fur (for birds) are regurgitated in the form of pellets.

 A Spatric is extremely deceptive: they hide amongst the shadows of the night and as soon as its sees a human it eats the human for its lunch.




At times the Spatric can disguise itself as a beautiful golden bird with white delicate feathers; however, it only does this to trick its prey before revealing its true despicable self and destroys the human. When in ghost form it has holes in its body, scruffy hair, and wears shorts and a t-shirt which are ripped.


The Spatric consistently seek their dwelling in dilapidated, derelict stately homes which are usually abandoned. They like this type of because of the distinct smell of damp ceilings. They are immensely attracted to this smell. They are like squatters because they choose any stately home and haunt the owners so they are forced to leave.




The merciless Spatric haunt the innocent souls of 3-13 year olds. They frighten the children by contorting their faces in to hideous forms leaving them disorientated, petrified and speechless. They start by lifting objects off their surface then they start to scream and finally they start possessing their merciless souls.






How to use a laser beam sucker by Jaspreet

The laser beam sucker is the most advanced piece of technology that the 21st century can offer to professional ghost assassins .It is highly technical therefore users must be able to use technical gadgets to operate it safely.

1) When the voice activator detects a human voice ,after a few seconds a high pitched ‘beep’ will sound.

2) This causes electricity to be conducted along the internal wires until it reaches the oil chamber.These wires become so hot that they start to glow,heating up the oil solution until it evaporates .

3)  This evaporation transforms the oil into a putrid,foggy gas which is released into the room.

4)Inhalation by a spirit will result in instant parallelisation. As this parallelisation spreads through the spirits soul ,eventually it vaporize and disappear.

5) Finnaly once the motor is running,it turns a fan round and round. As the fan spins it pushes air out of the vacuum through a tube called a duct ,because air is pushed out of the cleaner,air gets sucked in to take it’s place,which makes sure nobody else gets hurt.

The main parts:

The laser which is connected to the engine box has a small trigger and is equip-ted with a handle. There is a handle to go round the users waist. The sucker also has a fan which evaporates the ghosts.

Hope you enjoy

How the Turminator 7001.72 works by Aarondeep

The Turminator 7001.72 is an extraordinary ghost hunting device which is perfect for both internal and external uses. This is the most advanced technological invention to emerge in recent years. The Turminator 7001.72, (which is as light as a feather0, can be transported easily, so is fully portable.

This unique machine is powered by firmly clicking the on button which is located at the back of the Turminator 7001.72. Place the device in a room which is frequently haunted. Once the light at the top of the contraption has turned red this means that there is a nearby ghost approaching. As soon as the red light starts flashing rapidly the machine will: prepare itself, scan the room, arm the machine guns and active the lasers. After the ghoul has approached the laser, the Turminator will sense it and suddenly the shock charges will be activated.

As a result to this the ghoul will be indisposed however, it will not be killed. Subsequently the hamster will start running and will trigger the ‘death machine’.

When a nearby ghost screams the radioactive microphone will capture the sound so that there is evidence. There is also a highly developed camera which will take a clear picture for back up. (Just in case the microphone needs new batteries).

Since the ghost is in excruciating pain it will drop to the ground and then it will be sucked up into the Super Sucka XPR-2. There is a small chip which is attached to the Super Sucka which will permanently keep the ghost in the cramped bag.

Finally when the ghost is trapped inside, a green light will be emitted. (This is a good sign). This means the ghoul has been frozen to sub-zero temperatures and has been destroyed. The Turminator7001.72 is not commercially available.

Headless spirits by Hammaad

Ever since spooks arrived, the world has been in danger. Headless spirits are childish members of the spook family that mostly haunt in abandoned country homes. Like all spirits, they spend most of their time frightening humans! They are known to be quite cunning and often set clever traps to startle even the most composed humans. Headless spirits once inhabited every single home in Britain, however in recent years their numbers have greatly reduced and they are now recognised as an endangered species. There used to be over 400 different kinds of headless spirits, but now there is thought to only be 100 headless spirits left in total which belong to just 10 different species.


Most spirits have camouflaged skin which blends in to the walls which means they can secretly approach humans before startling them and making them jump. They can grow as tall as a door. Headless ghost have red eyes which gaze like a devil. Some headless spirits are able to deceive humans: they look like a normal person during the daylight hours. However, at night they transform into a monster that leaps and sucks the soul out of their prey. They have sharp, blood red fangs which suck the soul out of humans. The headless spirits food is the flesh out of human in addition the food can also be the screams. The spooks are huge with slimy rotten chests that the bash the screams out of humans. Headless spirits have a youthful mind: they use that to avoid clever traps that try to vanish them.


In the morning the monster spirits hide behind the innocent human’s and jolt the daylights out of people. The headless ghost is the most alerting ghost on the planet. Even though they are childish, like doing kick ups, the haunt the countryside houses. They use their hearing and sensing ability to catch their pray. Headless ghosts eat the scream out of the humans then suck on their flesh. The live in haunted houses and country houses that they haunt the night on the stair case and in the corridor. All the food has got ghost venom slime that the ghosts eat. Never go near the headless ghost he might take your head off and then throw it at you. Beware of headless ghost


Our trip to the Synagogue By Hammaad

On Thursday 14th February class 6JD visited the Synagogue. We went on a coach through Edgbaston until we reached the city centre. Then we arrived we had to stand patiently by a gate. Then a boy opened the gate for us and we went in. We had to sit down on these special chairs in children’s prayer room where we met our guide Maria. We had to were a hat for respect (only for boys). The lady talked to us and told us lot of information like the star of David was on his Kind David’s crown. Then we had to go to the main prayer hall and it looked very grand. It was big,full of light and Toras. The girls had to go through a separate door and the boys had to go through another door. When we went through the main hall we had to find these 6 things:

1.Star of david


3.Ten commandments

4.Menora temple


6.Internal lights.

Once we had found them, we went up on to the balcony. We still had to wear the kippah on our heads. we then had to hold on to them so they didn’t fall down! I think it was really fun. Before long the time had disappeared and it was time we went back on the coach and went back to school. We couldn’t stop talking about what we had learned!


6JD’s trip to the synagogue By Karolina!

On  Thursday 14th, class  6JD visited the synagogue.

First, we went into the meeting room and we discussed about the Jewish religion and why people come to the synagogoue. Some of the reasons were: to meet other people, to study, to pray and to meet God. We learnt that the star of David is comprised of two triangles; one of them pointsup to God and the other points down to us.

Then, we went into the prayer room, where we tried on the kippers and we talked about the star of David, the temple of Menora, the ten commandments, the Bima and the Ark. When we talked about these various objects we had to find them within the main prayer room.

Next, we went onto the balcony and the lady told us that women would stand on the balcony and throw sweets to the children! We got to look around and walk and look at the patterns and peer down from down the balcony.

After that, we went back down and we looked at the Torahs. We were told that the Torahs are extremely heavy with a weight of 25kg and if they get accidentally dropped, everyone has to say ‘sorry’. Also if you are theo ne who dropped the scroll you have to pray all day and not eat for 25 hours. Also if they rip then they are not allowed to be used any more.

Just then, we went and sat down and looked at the prayer books and we found out that everyone who is a member of the synagogue has their own seat and their name is at the back of the seat. The lady told us that men and women sit separately and children are allowed to walk around and be uite free during the service since they are so long and all in Hebrew. They don;t have to stay by their mums! Girls at the age of 12 have to start joining in, however boys start at the end of 13.

Finally, we went and dressed up we looked at what the boys wear and why. Boys wear diffrent things to show respect. Then we said thank you and it was time to leave because the coach had arrived. Overall, it was a brilliant morning and a great start to our new topic.

Ismail,Rohan and Jujhaar’s recount about the Synagoge

On Thursday 14th february,our class 6JD visited the Birmigham Synagoge. I really enjoyed it and I also learnt interesting and facinating facts. I am now going to tell you all about our trip to the Synagoge.

The Meeting room

When we entered the Synagoge the first room we went in was the meeting room. In the meeting room we looked at the 9 stars of David, the Torah , the Eternal Flame, Hanukah and Bimah.Then we took our hats and coats of and when to the Main Enterance

The Main Enterance

In the Main Enterance we had found out that women and men sit seperately  and we had also seen some writing on the big wall. The children had to go with the women. Then we had to go into the main prayer room.

 The Main Prayer room.

In the Main prayer room we has seen the Bimah and all the boys had to wear a kipper and the girls had a choice of whether or not to war it but most of the girls chose to. Then we had to search for the Bimer, Torah, the star of David and the Eternal Flame and the Ten Commandments within the main prayer room. After we had located them all, we went to the Ark and we looked at scrolls and bells. Over there I found out that some of the same stories of the Torah and Bible are in the Quran which I found very interesting. After that we went to the Balcony I found a kipper and some sweets.

I really enjoyed it at the synagogue and I also found out facinating facts. I am looking forward to making our own museum and artefacts.




Our visit to the Birmingham Synagogue by Shawon

On Thursday the 14th of February, class 6JD visited Singers Hill Synagogue, which links to our new topic next half term about Judaism.

When we entered we were in the meeting room where we saw pictures of the ten commandments, the Temple Menorah and the David star in stained glass. Then we were in the main prayer room, but boys and girls had to go through different doors. In the main prayer room we saw the Bimah. The Bimah is where Jewish people unroll the Torah scroll.

Also we saw the Ark where the Torah scrolls are kept. Jewish people are not allowed to touch the Torah scroll so they use a pointer called the Yaad. Did you know that the big Torah scroll weighs 25 kilos?

 We learned about the Bar Mitzvah is when the boys 13 or over are counted as adults, and the Bat Mitzvah is when girls 12 or over are counted as adults. We also saw the ‘Tahlit’ a cloth which men wear. The also wear little boxes which contain animal skin on them which help them to concentrate and focus when praying.

What I have learnt is if Jewish people accidentally drop the Torah scroll, they have to say sorry by praying all day long and not being allowed to eat for 25 hours.

Our trip to the Synagogue! By Paige

On Wednesday 13th February 2013, class 6FD all bundled onto the coach on a trip to the Synagogue in Birmingham. We all learnt a lot of interesting facts and heard new information that we had never heard of before. First we went inside a massive, tall building. Then we entered a beautiful room where all over the walls it was full of pretty designs and we were mesmerised. Boys and girls had to be separated, so the boys went through the left door and the girls went in the right door. When we got in there were rows and rows of seats. In the middle was a ‘bimah’. A bimah is a place where Jewish people read their holy bible. After this we had a look around and we had to find things around the Synagogue. Finally, we all gathered together to have a discussion. We sat down and the lady, who was showing us around, showed us the important things in the Synagogue. We were very lucky- some of us got to hold important objects. We got to sit down in the rows of chairs and behind us were written the names of the community but they were all girl/lady names which surprised me. This is because women and men aren’t allowed to sit together so they are separated and this section was for females.

Tomorrow is 6JD’s turn to visit.