My Story Of Christmas. By Udeshpal

I have written this story over the christmas holidays. I hope you enjoy it.

It was the 20th of December 2012 and Ricky couldn’t wait for christmas to come. He knew what he wanted this year- it was the only thing he cared about to get. It was an Ipad 3.  Ricky really wanted one. The only trouble was that it cost £290. Ricky told his mum and dad about it. His dad thought that he wanted every new thing that came on the market. His mum told Ricky that it was way too expensive and he could get it next year. Then Ricky went to his bedroom and slammed the door so hard that there was a cut in the middle of it. He got his wardrobe and put in front of the door. He also put his chest of drawers and his bed next to the door. He was angry that he wasn’t going to get what he wanted.

Early next morning Ricky put evevrything as it was and went downstairs. His Mum and Dad left a note that they went christmas shopping. Ricky didn’t care that they went christmas shopping. He just sat down with a carton of orange juice on the sofa and he switched on the TV. He was watching Mission impossible: Ghost Protocol. Ricky called over his friends. He invited them over to have a party because he knew that when his mum and dad went christmas shopping they always took their time. Ricky had gone wild when his friends were at his house. They had lots of Coke and they threw crisps everywhere. Suddenly his mum and dad got back home. His friends had run out of the house from the back door. Ricky had quickly got all the crisp packets and shoved them into the bin. He then got all the coke cans and threw them into the bin as well. Then he sweeped up all the crisps. Just then his mum walked through the door and gasped. The room was as it was. It was cleaner though. Ricky’s mum told him that because of his behaviour yesterday they weren’t going to get him an Ipad.

After a while Ricky went to the super market. He saw an Ipad. Ricky really wanted it. He then tore it out of the box and he put it in his coat. He then zipped it up and went for a stroll around the shop. Ricky was walking around the gaming area of the shop when he was pulled by someone through a door. It was the manager’s office. He had seen what Ricky had done. Fortunatly it wasn’t The manager. It was somebody from his high school. A senior at his school. He was making a deal with him. He would destroy the video if he joined his gang. It was called the Miami headhunters. Ricky didin’t want to join but to keep that Ipad it would be the best memory of his life to keep it. Ricky had made the deal. But to become one he had to look like one. He went to the clothing area and he had to pick out something which had a skull or blood on it because that’s what the Miami Headhunters liked. He had found something. It was a skull, with blood dripping off it and it was on fire. Then he had to buy some jeans which had markings on them. He had found one that was right for him. When he had bought them the leader, whose name was Jason, got lots ofd read paint and put marks on them which looked like blood marks. Then Ricky’s modification was finished. He was a Miami Headhunter.

After hanging out with his gang, Ricky went home and rushed to his bedroom. He hid his Ipad somewhere safe in his room and then he went in his garden to practice for soccor. Ricky was the captin of the soccor team and he had to practice for the big match that was coming up on January 12th. Ricky couldn’t miss it. Ricky was training when his mum called him up to his room. Ricky started to panic. He thought that his mum had found the Ipad. But he was wrong. She just called him to clean his room. Ricky gave a sigh of relief.

When Ricky had gone to bed he couldn’t stop thinking about the gang and about the Ipad. Fortunatly, Ricky forgot the buisness and drifted off to sleep. Suddenly, In the middle of the night, Jason came through Ricky’s window and he woke him up. They were going to do something huge. Jason told him to get dressed in his headhunter costume and to bring a torch with him. They were heading to the grandest Mall in town.   





Multimodal Stories 6JD

Year 6 have worked really hard to write these multimodal stories. We worked in groups to write these stories. We had to use lots of teamwork to make the stories work and we helped each other to edit and improve. We feel incredibly proud of the results. Please enjoy our stories and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

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Group 4

A poem about the less fortunate at christmas. By Udeshpal

   When christmas comes

on the 359th day

some peopleonly think of themselves.

When they get

new xmas presents

they always chuck last years off their bedroom shelves.


Some rich kids are

disgraceful when it comes to saying thank you

when they see their gifts.

Even if they get the

Iphone 5 and that was it

they will pretend their families are in the mist.


Why don’t people remind

themselves of the less fortunate.

Like the people in africa who are almost dead.

They can’t build up their

stamina to become alive again.


The 21st century

christmas time is here in 6 days.

So don’t say to your mum
“Can I have an Ipod touch”

because she might

get you something like a 3ds,ps vita or

 the Iphone 5


All the people who are greedy in the world don’t care about how big the presents are. All they care about is how many there are. When you should get a present you always say thank you and think of the journey. Think of those kids in africa and other countries which people don’t have food to live. They never get presents because they are poor.

I made this poem because all of the less fortunate people in the world don’t get presents like us. They are really poor and they are really starving to death. So if you ever get christmas presents think of the journey and the poor.





Sentences by Paige

The dog was big.

Hungry, the brown, stout, terrifying dog tried to eat me up with its large, vast teeth which were as tall as Big Ben.

The moon sparkled.

On a cold, frosty night we walked through the park, the gleaming, gorgeous moon lite up the park.

The giant was tall.

The giant, which was taller then the Eiffel Towers, was very friendly!

The Eiffel Tower was gorgeous.

The stars twinkled like flashing lights over the Eiffel Towers which glistened like diamonds.

The weather was bad.

Terrified, petrified, worried, the wind gushed over my house, the rain wept down the window, the lighting was very powerful.

The sun shined.

Excited, the family had a picnic in the woods it was so hot the sun nearly burned the family.


My story – Time Travel…. By Zoe

It hardly seems over half a century since I was last here. Personally, i still look and feel  like the vibrant young girl I was then.  But the rust on the acient school gates covered in snow seems like something shocking, and the litter thats been dropped since the past 60 years ago is still there! I had to wade through the lolly wrappers to reach the front door and oh my what shock greeted me there!

Miss. Brooks almost fell off her zimmer frame in astonishment. You could see life was not nice to her, she fixed her long drummy fingers and then tossed her hair as if she was still a young vibrant teacher. Her hair was as snowy white. The veins on her hands looked like tree roots which dug down deep in the ground. Her ill fitting teeth clacked horribly as she spoke- “who is it?” she then peered at me through her foggy glasses, and then again she  clacked  her quavering old voice “is it-? “Can it be-?” “Yes! It is Clair Jones! Oh do come in dear how lovely to see you.” I smiled my modest smile at Mrs Brooks pale pink face, which seemed to show even more wrinkles through her saggy lined face.

Suddenly the place began to fade I was back in the car once more…

By Zoe Ka Ncube

Thank You for reading my story 🙂 😀 😛 😮 🙂

Big stink By Shannon and Harjun

  The Big Stink


Yesterday we did an experiment to explore how to make sewage into clean water because in the Victorian times they didn’t have flushing toilets so they had to do their business in a tub and throw it in a river! We pretended we had sewage and tried to separate each of the different materials from the different mixtures. Each group was faced with a different mix and we had to work together as a team to decide which methods to use and in which order.

We used a sieve, filter paper, funnel, collander and a magnet.  We found out that when you use a funnel you have to use filter paper and it takes long time and makes the water cleaner. We sat in our topic groups and we used different kind of materials so our mixture looked like the sewage in the River Thames in the Victorian times. We had to separate flour from the water we had to use the funnel and filter paper- it wasn’t perfectly clean but is was cleaner then sewage water. To separate the rice from the water we used the collander. Then we decided to separate the malteasers  from the water. We just poured it out which is called decanting .We then used the sieve  to separate the pasta from the water.  Finally we made a table to show we used to separate materials.

Some pictures:


Jim Jarvis – Workhouse Diary – By Jai

Dear Diary,

Right now I feel dejected and exhausted. I hardly slept last night as all the scrawny boys, who seemed to have forgotten how to smile, were weeping and sobbing. It feels like my tender heart will shatter into millions of tiny pieces before long; like a mirror being smashed.

The atmosphere here is oppresive, I have no freedom what so ever! Everybody feels glum. If you cry while you work Mr Sissons, the workhouse owner, would  brutally beat you with his painful cane to within an inch of your life! However, people have said that his wife, Mrs Sissons, is known to be more lenient and caring (but only when he isn’t in view).

Every night an old lady walks up and down the bedroom with a candle lighting up the whole room. She shines the candle in your eyes. Therefore the fire burns your eye-lids and you have to be careful not to open them.

Later that day I was 15 minutes late for work and then Mr Sissons grabbed me by my rosy red ears and tossed me on the ground and ordered me to get back to work. As soon as I got there I heard the loudest screech ever! Blood was pouring out of Fred’s finger it was the most horrible thing I’ve seen in my life. To be honest, I’m glad it wasn’t me. Everybody was flabbergasted, as still as a statue.

I am determined that one day I will climb over these huge walls into freedom and see Emily and Lizzieonce again! I will fly like a bird and save myself from this death-trap!

From Jim/ Goodbye Diary.