Temptation Story by Shawon

Have you ever been tempted to do something?  Have you ever faced a dilemma that would change your life forever? Well this is waht happened to a boy called John.

It was a wet day and the car parks were busy as usual. John, a boy from year 6, who had always wanted and Ipad, pleaded his parents to get him one. But his parents always refused.

When John was waiting by the car park for the school gang named the ‘ Troops ‘ because the leader David accepted John to be in the gang.

” Hey John! Wanna hang our? ” jelled David unexpectedly. ” I-I guess so.” stammered John nervously. ” Good. Then let’s go to the game store to see all the cool games and gadgets they’ve got.” As John went to the game store with David and the gang, he could see a variety of games that he’d never seen before.

At the corner of John’s eyes he could see Ipad’s engulfing him. ” If you want that John then steal it and you’ll become a proper member of the gang.” demanded David. ” I don’t know if I can manage to steal it.” replied John nervously. ” You’ve got ten seconds John 10… 9…8!” John’s heart was thudding in his rib cage like a drum. Just as John was about to touch the Ipad he saw the security guard come in! What if the security guard saw him? Nobody knows. ” See you soon, John!” David said unpleasantly. John was glad that he didn’t steal the Ipad.

It was still a wet day and the car parks were busy as usual, John wasn’t anxious any more.



Zoe Goalscorer – Shilling pie

Excited, frozen and starving, not caring about his red,snubby nose and his blue numb feet, Jim Javis dashed down the street eager  for a hot meal to fill his rumblimg stomach.

Deep in the overcrowed city, set back in the street layed Mrs Hadder’s pie shop. About two years ago there stood a stunning, immaculet shop with beautiful flowers on the outside standing  bright and vivid.

But now a days the shop still stands but with a crak on the doorstep and murky windows which look like thay haven’t been polished for ages, and a thatched  roof covered in dry leaves, which rustle and crinkle in the icey wind.

Inside the building stood, Mrs Hadder sweeping the soaked ground and laying down fresh straw which filled the whole room with it’s golden colour.

Jim glanced around him looking for the biggest pie, Until he was disturbed by Mrs Hadder  “I’ve had enough of this you can go right out again!”  

” But I’ve brought my money… Ma gave it to me.” Jim wailed.

“Very well then” said Mrs Hadder grasping the coin out Jims hand.

“Make it a big one Mrs Hadder,” said Jim excitedly “with lots of gravey on it” Jim begged.

As soon as Jim got the pie he couldn’t believe his luck.  He sprinted down the road, boys and dogs tried to chase after him but Jim didn’t care about them and sprinted even faster, and when he finnaly went to the house his heart was pounding like a lion waiting for his prey ravoshing

Literacy: The Street Child

During this week, we have been carrying on looking at the book ‘The Street Child’. We first read chapter 8 and 9. After that we discussed if one of the characters named Jim should escape from the workhouse he was in or stay. We then wrote a diary entry from Jim’s point of view including lots of feelings and emotions. We really enjoyed writing the diary entries.

Here are some children in year 6 reading their diary entries.





My Trip To Sunderland. By Udeshpal

On the 12th of October me and my family went to Sunderland because on the 13th it was my cousins 1st birthday. When we had arrived My uncles cousins were there so we said hello to them and we went upstairs to unpack. After that we played some blackjack and some cheat with the cards we brought with us. When we finished playing cheat and blackjack we went downstairs to eat our dinner. After i ate my dinner I went upstairs again to go and play on my uncles laptop. When my brother came up he got a fake gun and a wand and he attached it to the gun and he charged into my uncles cousins room and he started shooting randomly at the walls. What he didn’t know was that the cousins eldest daughter was in there so when the bullets all went out he ran out of the room and went downstairs. I just burst out laughing and i fell on the floor because i thought it was funny. When I recovered I went into my cousins room and he was sleeping in his cot so I went out of the room closing the door. Then my mum came up and told me to go to bed so I did.

The next day it was my cousins birthday so when I watched a little bit of this movie Joy Ride and then everyone came down. We had breakfast and then my aunt and uncle got out the party banners and the party hats and He kept the cake in the kitchen. Then my uncle opened his front door because my other aunt and uncle were there so we said hello to them and we went upstairs with their little boy to play with him. When my cousin had woken up he was crying so I called my aunt and she came up to give him his milk. When the cousins daughters had woken up we all played together and then, after a while, we went downstairs to help put the party things up. Then more guests had arrived. We set out the cake and put the music on. Then the party had begun. When my aunt had brought my cousin down we put the music up and we sang happy birthday. We had a party at the house but that was just the beggining. we also went to the best resturant there called Aneesa’s. When we cut the cake  for my cousin we all gave him a peice of cake. then my brother had put some music on and all the adult’s started to dance. My mum gave me her camcorder so I could record the dance. After everybody stopped dancing we all headed over to Aneesa’s to have food. When we got there we had the largest table there was. when i was having my ice cream as a dessert the elder daughter of the cousins came up to me and then she scared me and I dropped my ice cream so I ran away. Fortunatly nobody saw us. When we were heading back home the party was still going on but all the children went upstairs to sleep which was fair and unfair. I t was fair because we had to rest for the long  journey home but also it was unfair because we should party as well and join. But we all went to sleep. on the last day all we did was go straight home and then when we came back home we went straight to the PS3 to play call of duty online.

 And that was my trip to Sunderland.

Ismail’s I have a dream speech

I have a dream

I have a dream that in my lifetime hatred and hostillity will disappear. I hope that peace and harmony will appear in this world. Never again will i see innocent children curled up in a cardboard box, shivering while watching the residents paying no attention at all. Never again will i see families be treated unfairly. I say that it is time  that someone stands up for whats right.Never again will i see racismm happen or people being judged by the color of their skin.


Street child description

In the bustling streets of London, the carraiges were rattling away on the rocky,bumpy roads. Just in the corner of the street lay a small, crooked meat shop. It wasn’t much with it’s patched roof and creaky doors and windows but for a tall 10 year old adolecent it was all he needed. Jim Jarvis was a poor,10 year old boy who didn’t have much except his mother and his two older sisters.

Jim Jarvis hopped up to the meat shop like a dog following the scent of a saussauge. With his shilling in his hand nothing could have stopped him from entering the shop. As he was halking along the street,he noticed children huddeled up on doorsteps waiting for a generous donor to throw a few scraps to fix their hunger problems.

When Jim reached the meat shop,big blobs of drool were running down his cheek, while staring at the appestising, hot gravy pies. He quickly ran up to the kind, tall shop owner Mrs Hoppers and asked her for a warm gravy pie. Now he had the pie in his hand he ran back down the noisy,bustling streets of London with other children running after him

street child discrption Jaspreet

The barbaricaly busy streets of london were reeking whith poverty.The peoples clothes were murky brown and the stench wasover powering ,but this did not stop Jim Jarvis.

Jim Jarvis ,who was a scruffy lookiing adolesent,ran down the dark,messy streets looking like he did not have a care in the world but that was not the case.He had a dying mother and two sisters at home and this pudding was the last meal they would eat as an family.

As Jim hopped down the slippery steps and peered in to see the tatty paint and old walls breaking away also he cuold see the haye all over the floor,which was stuck down with dry mud, and the sweltering heat attracted flys and dung beatles into the room.He stepped in but stopped ,to see if his warn out shilling was still there.knowing his famlys life depended on it ….