I didn't………

Instead of writing about what we did this summer we have written descriptive ‘I didn’t’ poems to describe what we didn’t do!

I didn’t lollop lazily over a fluffy cloud and meander slowly from town to town without a care in the world.

I didn’t discover and return a whimpering dog to it’s generous, billionaire owner earning a handsome reward.

I didn’t spy secretly on a Velaciraptor nest and gasp sharply as the pointy snout of a hatchling gradually wrestled it’s way out of the leathery egg.

I didn’t accidentally swallow a mysterious potion which made me begin to grow uncontrollably, until my head bumped the bottom of an undiscovered planet in an unknown galaxy.

I didn’t get mistaken for Cheryl Cole and get ambushed by the camera flashes of eager Paparazzi, before attending a glitzy VIP dinner wearing a show-stopping dress and sky-scraper heels.

But I did snuggle warmly on the sofa and devour my collection of books hungrily.

Zombie Nightmare by Ismaeel Yusuf

I have written this story at home over the holidays. I hope you enjoy it!
Every night, midnight to be exact, a dreadful zombie attacks every house in the city.The population is growing faster than any other species on the planet.It was said that the zombie has two bloodshot eyes, four powerful,muscular arms and two towering tall legs.

One sunny morning, Ben was ina foul mood so he decided very quickly to go on a walk. ” MOM I’M GOING FOR A WALK!” Ben roared.

” Alright as long as you come back before tea time Ben” replied his Mom quietly.

The time was approximately 10:45 am and Ben had reached about a mile away from his house.
” Hey four eyes come over here” said a familiar voice. Ben turned around to see who was calling him.
“Oh no” whispered Ben under his breath. It was the school bullies…

One of them was a really tall and beefy one, while the otheres were just lanky.
“Oi Ben” growled one of the boys, ”I dare you to go down that alley” he ordered pointing at the deserted alley.
“No Way” shouted Ben trying to stand up for himself even though he was terrified inside.
“If you don’t well beat you up” bellowed a different boy and they all started laughing.

Frightened,embarassed,angered Ben walked down the steps to the gloomy alley.The steps seemed to last forever, but finally Ben reached the bottom. Ben’s heart started beating faster than ever. He felt chills come up his spine.He timidly walked some more until he found a door.He opened it and he saw a …

To be continued …