Summer's Speech to be Prom Queen

I should be prom queen because I am really kind and trust worthy. I will make the prom a great night for everybody because I have a very bubbly personality and I will ensure that I make the prom a fantastic night of your young lives, whereas if you choose something different, your night will be boring!
Whilst I am not wearing uniform, I am very fashionable and I will be wearing the most beautiful dress you have ever seen. Not only will I look amazing, I will have the most exquisite perfume aswell.
Also I am very helpful, therefore I would be able to teach anyone anything they would like. As a result no one won’t be able to dance. I already have a GCSE in dancing the waltz, samba, tango, street and R n B.
I am quite popular in school even with staff and teachers! I am confident so I am able to speak and dance in front of many people. I am very caring and friendly, also I was in our school council.
Well honestly, my point is if you vote for me you will have a hell of a night, as you can see I am the perfect person to be your prom queen so vote for me please.

Description of the Tudor House by Venus


Midnight. The flame of a candle flickers ominously above the fire place. Long fingers of shadow creep across the creaking floor boards. Statues stand silently in the luxurious sitting room. The darkness deepens. The shadows dance on the stair case. You can smell the dust on the antique furniture as it blows away in the gloom. Moans grow louder. A sudden shriek splits the air, as wind blows through the curtains. The portraits of distant dead relatives seem to smile at you in the glow.

David's Goal Scorer of the week!

David has written a diary about our visit to the synagogue! Let him know what you think!

Dear diary,
Earlier today I and my class went to singer’s hill synagogue. First we waited for our guide, who was called Marina, to show us around and tell us about her faith.
Next we went in to the children’s prayer room. Carefully, I sat on the wooden benches. Marina told us a brief out line of Judaism. After talking to us she took me and my class in to the main prayer room. While we were in the main prayer room, our guide told us that, some people go three or four days a week; others only go a Saturdays.
After a while she told all of the boys to wear a kippah so respectfully I placed it on my head. We found lots of information and then she showed us the ark, which is where the Torah scroll is kept, and they let us hold some of the things. We got more information and then Marina took us up to the balcony. On the balcony she told us that at 12 years old girls have there bar mitsvah, and at 13 boys have a bar mitsvah, which in Judaism means you are a man or woman if you are a woman. On the balcony there were sweets in the chandeliers and that is because women throw them during the celebration. Then we went back to the main pray room and Marian gave us a tallit to wear.

We learnt lots and we were very grateful.

Y6 Goal Scorer

I have been chosen as this weeks goal scorer, here is my letter.

Bearwood Primary School,


B66 4HB.

Dear Marina,                     

                      I am writing to you to tell you how good a guide you were, by the way, thank you for giving us a brilliant tour around the synagogue.

I think it would be scary in a synagogue alone, especially in the main prayer room, hearing your feet echo through the room. Thank you for waiting for us on your own!

Although I had been looking forward to the day, I didn’t know how exciting it would be! Thank you for opening the ark even though you needed 10 adult men to open it.

You have inspired us so much, we have even started making tefillins. I have got a little trick up my sleeve – I have made a 3d shape by stacking pieces of cardboard on top of each other our display is going to be about Jewish clothing and Antony is making a ‘Sock puppet’ and putting a kippah on it. It will be showed on parents evening!

Yours sincerely,



Thank you again for the tour.