Adaptation By Dave

 We have been learning about animal adaptation so can you please post something about animal adaptation that will help or inform year 6. There are lots of animals so can you do somthing about habitats. Now I just have 1 qestion ‘how wouldd you have to adapy if you lived in water?

Exciting Experiments … By Dave

This week in science/topic we have been learning  about plants, we have set up 6 experiments to see what the best environment for a plant is, and I would like you to predict  what might happen to each of them.

  1. normal – there nothing has been changed
  2. food colouring – we are adding food colouring to change the plants colour
  3. no light – we are ceeping it in the cupboard
  4. cold – we are keeping it in a frighe
  5. no leaves – we have taken the leaves off
  6. and this one has no water and we will not water it

So I would like you to comment about what will happen and and how qickly.



Y6 SATs week

This week Year 6 have been working extremely hard on their SATs. They did a reading paper, two maths papers and a mental maths paper. This is what some pupils thought of it. Jessica  quoted ‘I was nervous to start with, however, when we started I knew I could do it. The maths paper A was a bit difficult but the paper B was easier because we could use a calculator’. At the end of the final test everyone gave a loud cheer and was glad it was over.



























































The Year 6 Super Invertabrate Quiz! By Ryan and Emmanuel

This week year 6 have been creating their own invertabrate challenges. Their challenges involved questions not only about  invertabrates but also vertabrates and plants. Our team, consisting of 5 children, created a quiz on the netbooks. The rules are if you get question right you earn one point but, if you get it wrong lose a point. There are twenty hard and easy questions altogther. The questions were pretty hard to make, because we had to use our own knowledge. It took a while to create because we had to hyperlink the slides to other slides.


Y6's Incredible Invertebrate Games, by Riya.

This week in Science we have been creating our very own invertebrate challenge, to test each others knowledge on invertebrates. We had to make instructions and questions for our game. These are some of the games 6H made: the ladders of invertebrates, invertebrate guess who and descriptionary. After we had created our challenges we played each others and gave 2 stars and a wish!

Our exhibition, By Tanvir

Today we have finally finished our castles  and we were  given  the chance to exhibit. It took us a long 6 weeks to complete, but we have finally finished! Y6  had to chose the castle they wanted to make,  reserch it, plan it,  and make it. We have also produced some fansastic factfiles to do with them, inculding questions for them to answer at the end. We have presented them to Years 1 and 2, and have talked to them about all the different features of our castles.

I have really enjoyed  making the castles!

Our topic, By Niamh

In our topic we have been making houses from the past, some of us have been making houses from the future! I made a Celtic round house, other groups made houses such as: Roman villas, Arks (a house of the future) and some of us also made houses that you would find nowadays. We used a variety of materials, such as; wood, card, tissue paper and coloured paper. We all had around 7-8 weeks to make and complete our houses. Once we had finished we had year 1 come in and have a look at our houses, we read our information to them and they asked us questions about our houses.