Ghost hunting email.

Hi Ayesha,

You will never guess what happened at the Tudor house, me and my group only failed our mission. We went last week Thursday evening, to the Tudor House, to get rid of the ghosts.

We all prepared to catch the ghost; I was really brave at this mission. John and Josh were on the lookout and suddenly they crashed into each other, they both screamed. Soon we all had to hide because the ghost would see us. We all waited for the ghost to come out but it didn’t, it was a shame.

See you soon!


P.S are you still coming to my house tomorrow?


Email to a mate

Hi Jahn,

I would like to tell you about my bad luck last night. Our boss Y told us to go to a Tudor house to capture ghosts. But sadly I failed; remember I told you about the job? I am really sad that I failed my mission yesterday and that Y is going to scream at me. I person from our team screamed because he saw a mouse. Also I screamed because the door just slammed shut. It was weird. So that’s why we failed our mission. I am really gutted. If you was there we would of completed the mission but sadly you wasn`t. I hope Y gives me another chance to prove myself as the best.

Speak to you soon.


P.S. How was the football game? Did we win? I hope we did.


My job application, by Kimran

 Bearwood Primary

Ethel Street


B66 4HB


Dear S.P.O.O.C.S Society,

I am writing to you to apply for the position as Official Ghost Hunter. I have experience in the ghost-hunting business, so I will be a great addition to your team. In the ghost hunting profession, I provide the highest standards in my methods of hunting.

As well as being a skilled ghost hunter, I have patience. I can wait for hours on end for any paranormal activity to occur.  Whilst waiting, I will not fall asleep or get distracted, I will be silent but still alert. How many of your other employees will stay awake throughout the night?

Another thing is, that I have been trained by the ‘Bearwood  Ghost Hunting Scheme,’ so I can use a variety of specialist equipment, such as the famous vacuum cleaner to the less known invisible net. I am fully equipped with all resources needed.  After graduating, with my full scholarship, I taught young, ambitious spectre hunters the tricks of the trade.  I’m particularly proud of one of my former students Holly, who now is a top ghost hunter.

Also I am very vigilant: I have the best eye-sight, so I can examine any place to track down those annoying ghosts. I take my eye sight from my Father, who graduated from Oxford University with a degree in ghost busting.

I trust that my experience and skills will make me a suitable applicant for the post as a ghost hunter. If you wish to have references from previous employers, I will be more than happy to get them. Please take my application into consideration, when choosing your new employee. 

Yours sincerely,


Professional Ghost Buster

My job application, By David

                                                                      ]Bearwood Primary

Ethel Street


B66 4HB

                         17th April 2012

Dear Mr.Goole (Head of SPOOCS)

I am writing to join the SPOOCS society. The main reason I want to join SPOOCS is because I used to be one of the main ghost hunter employees, for SPOOCS 2.

SPOOCS 2 stands for: Some Person or Other Creating Spookiness.

I have many qualities but my main quality is my senses. The reason my senses are so good, is because once I was in an accident where a ghost walked through me and I lost all of my senses. As a result of this, the weapon designer put a chip in my head that gives me bionic senses.

Another reason I want to join the SPOOCS society is many years ago my dad and I were out fighting ghosts but suddenly a ghost ran through me and my dad. I lost my senses as I have said, but the hit from the ghost paralyzed my dad and know I want to get revenge.

The last reason you should appoint me is because I have got all of the latest kit such as the Dison1121 version 2012, the Glow Go Stick, the Subatomic Way Walker Ray Gun version 998 and the one, the only Thunder Marker Liver Canon mark 1399.  As you see I have a wide range of weapons along with my bionic senses.

So all in all I think you should have me for the job, as I am a good ghost hunter, I have grates senses,  I am full of anger from my dad  and I have a large  range of weapons.

Yours sincerely,

G.H: D.R.Host

I.D Code: 28544747498984882349