Get Talking, Get Learning!

Get Discussing! – Balanced Arguments

The aim of a balanced argument is to give the reader both sides of an argument. So that the reader can make up their own mind on an issue.

How to write a balanced


  • In the 1st paragraph say what the issue is.
  • Use paragraphs to break your writing up into sections
  • Stick to one subject in each section.
  • Don’t show your opinion – give both sides of the argument.
  • Use technical words where possible.
  • In the last paragraph sum up the discussions.

1. Annotate the texts given against the above WILF.

2. Choose an issue that you would like to raise and  prepare a balanced argument using the WILF above.

Get Mathematical

Mrs Hampton’s and Mrs Hadley’s group have been given a Paper A challenge. Use the ‘Steps to Success’ to complete the challenge.

Use your CPG books to remind yourselves of how to calculate area and perimeter and how to rotate and translate shapes.

Mr Murphy’s group, use your Maths CPG books to revise any gaps in your learning.

Prepare a list of areas you would like Mr Murphy to cover next half term.


Next half term we will be investigating ‘Forces’. Use the internet andlibrary resources to find out as much as you can about ‘Forces’.

Create a presentation to show what you know—use the ideas from the front of your homework book to present what you have learned.

Happy Holidays!

Robotic Romeo and Juliet, by Kimran (Education Correspondent)

In Bearwood Primary school, 6H pupils have performed a modern-day version of Romeo and Juliet as a part of their English curriculum.

 Y6 pupils have been writing, rehearsing and performing a modern day version of, the tragic love story, Romeo and Juliet. . Over the course of 5 weeks Y6, as a part of their curriculum, have put a dramatic twist on a famous romance. Changing the characters, the plot and the theme. For their theme they have chosen a futuristic theme of Androids and Humanoids, two life forms who can’t decide which is the most intelligent. For a comical twist, they have used Harry Hill as the Prince of Verona. Hilarious.     

They have performed their play in front of their parents. They showed professionalism, when performing, learning all their lines. From the top of the hall to bottom they used the ‘The sound from their stomachs’ to make their voices heard. An outstanding performance. Professional acting!

Even with outbreak in snow and slippery roads, everyone in the class did their utmost to attend so as to not let the other students down but also to witness their hard work come to life. Everyone in the class deserves a long rest for their determination to make an outstanding play.

We spoke to some of the teachers who watched the Y6 performance.

Mrs Kliar  told us that she thought it was fantastic. Their acting was so good it moved almost everyone to tears.

“I am so proud of my class for putting on such a brilliant performance” Mrs Hampton, the class teacher, told us.

In the space of 5weeks Y6 pupils have put on a exceptional performance. They really are the young Shakespeare’s of tomorrow.

Breaking News, by Dildeep

Bearwood Mail

On Tuesday 3rd of January 6M were performed about a exceptional  ,brilliant love story Romeo and Juliet! We performed it to30 parents in Bearwood Primary School’s stage on Thursday 9th  February 2012.We wanted to prove that we can write a better story which would illuminate in the aquamarine, sapphire sky.

A class of 30 children ,who are very intelligent, created a better version of Romeo and Juliet.

When we performed them some people were crying there eyes out; others didn’t and were dragged into the significant storyline.

It was a really depressing, despondent story because of our songs we put in our scene’s.  It worked really well and fitted in with our eye –catching play.

Here are some quotes that were said: Mrs. Haywood, who is our head teacher, spoke with amazement ‘out of the seven Romeo and Juliet plays I have seen this one is the best!’   Loads of parent’s recalled it as ‘the most epic version of Romeo and Juliet ever!’ If 6M sell this version, if it goes worldwide ,if a famous publisher sees it, then it will be remembered for 500 years time…

Lola Soliloquy, by Summer, Luisa, Alice and Emma

Lola Soliloquy

It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside

 I’m not one of those, I can’t easily hide.

Why is life so hard?

 Love is the reason,

For me and you this is true love.

 You are my gift from above.

  Please don’t forget the things that I do,

  Because all of these things are for you!

Oh dad please try to understand.

Why can’t Rick take my hand?

I love you Rick forever

We will always be together.

A snippet of the 'Robeo and Julie' script, by 6H

Scene 2

(Robeo, Metallico and Tinvolio are standing in the middle of the stage frozen in place, with narrator 1 and 2 on either side.)

Narrator 1: Robeo, Metallico and Tinvolio are hanging out in one of the streets on planet Transoid checking out their Facebook profile.

Robeo: What are we going to do now? (Ping)

Tinvolio:  What’s that?

Robeo: Facebook notification (Looking at his phone.) Julie’s sweet 16.

Metallico: Who’s Julie?

Robeo: I don’t exactly, but a humanoid party should be fun. Let’s go to find out. (Smiling at Metallico and Tinvolio.)

Tinvolio: Cool

(At Julie’s Sweet 16 party.)

Narrator 2: It’s the night of Julie’s sweet 16 party and all of her humanoid friends and family are having a fancy dress party.

Robeo: This mask is itchy. (Scratching his face.)

Metallico: Live with it, Robeo. We mustn’t be recognised.

(Enters the party.)

Tinvolio: Let’s meet back in an hour.

Robeo and Metallico: (In sync) Ok!

(Party Scene)


(Robeo, Metallico and Tinvolio go in different directions. Robeo goes towards the dance floor. Bumps shoulders with Julie, both fall to the ground.) Music

Julie: Sorry it’s my fault, I wasn’t looking where I was going.

Robeo: No, it’s my fault. I am Robeo.

Julie: I’m Julie, it’s my birthday!

Robeo: Oh, then happy birthday. (Turns to the audience.) Did my heart love to now?

Julie: Thanks.

Robeo: Would you like to dance. (Bending forwards.)