A snippet of Elliot’s modern day version of Romeo and Juliet

The story starts when the two families, The Frasers and Debenhams were fighting for Great Britain in the Second World War. All the commotion started when, accidently, the Fraser’s Great Grandad swung his knife around and killed the Debenhams’s Great Grandad.

Since then they both have hated each other. The Debenhams manager, who is called Lord Debenhams, was planning a party. The party was for the long break from work. It was the night of the party and Frasers were planning to gatecrash. Everybody was willing to do it, except for Rick. Eventually, everybody persuaded Rick to go.

They walked into the party and Jessie J was blasting its way through the speakers at a speed as fast as Lewis Hamilton driving at Silverstone.

James, Gaberiella’s cousin spotted that the Frasers were entering the party, but Lord Debenham welcomed them not knowing what he was letting himself in for.

Suddenly, Rick and Gabriella spotted and instantly fell in love. But last song was on and the Frasers were chased out of the party with no say.

6M are unable to reveal anymore of this story……..Sorry!

Rotated Tasks by Aman

In Topic we have been doing some rotated tasks. We designed clothes for Romeo and Juliet and we made fact files or posters about William Shakespeare. In addition, we made Top Trump cards e.g. a dagger or potion. The categories were: Love, hate, Compassion, Power, Cunning and Influence. Look at these pictures to see what we have done;

Dear Rick by Niamh

Dear Rick,

My dearest beloved, I cannot conceal my love for you any longer. I’ve had an idea that we shall declare our love to everyone and live together in Mantua and live happily ever after in a cottage by a river.

Although this seems a fairytale land to both you and me, but I am still willing for the plan to go ahead. I will never forget the first time I lay eyes on your handsome face. Nobody and no one can keep us apart, not even my father. Now I know there will be further consequences but I will for fit absolutely anything for thee.

The Montague’s and the Capulet’s have been fighting for over 5000 years and that feud has been going on for 5000 years too long. Our love is too strong for all this killing and fighting.

Our future doesn’t look so bright but we can resolve problems and all complications quicker than you can say ‘complicated problems.’

I hope thee and me can work things out,

Forever yours,




My goal scoring paragraph by Amanveer

This was my goal scoring paragraph.

Without you I am like a fish without water, bird without wings, autumn without leaves and a tree without branches. My love for you is indescribable. I am showing that I am perfectly fine in front of others (however really I am sobbing and throbbing.)I think I may die in grief. Together we are inseparable. We are two peas in a pod.

My goal scoring paragraph by Zodecca

Our writing task was to write in role as Romeo or Juliet. A goal scoring paragraph is when all of your work is really good but if you don’t want to write all of it then the teacher picks their favourite paragraph and you write it up.

This is my goal scoring paragraph.

We have been taken away from each other like a new born baby from its mother. I mourn for you, it is as if you are dead. Without you I am as good as dead too. If I captured my tears you would be sent bucketfuls every hour. I would give my arm for you. We are like two peas in a pod. I am heart broken.

Fractions- Have a look to help you next week










Dear Juliet, by Rosemeen

Dear Juliet,

I am frightened, shocked and terrified. I know how much I could of have hurt you but I know in my heart I still love you very much. I will do everything to be with you. If we both could be together again I would tell you how much I love you. I am in Mantua looking out of my window waiting for you to arrive when I will take you in my arms.

I know I should have not killed Tybalt, but he killed my friend and I wanted revenge. I didn’t know what I had done. Besides Tybalt started the fight first. My heart couldn’t stop beating when I realised blood was all over the place. I know I don’t deserve another chance.

Are you disappointed? Please forgive me I know what I did was wrong. My heart may break into many pieces without you. I just ask you to forgive me and to try to understand. You would have done the same thing.

My love for you is the world. I just feel bad because I killed Tybalt. I just wish I could have left before the prince arrived and if had, I would be walking on the streets and smiling. I would like to be happy with the birds singing in the trees. I love you very much.

Your true love,

Romeo x