Chapter 2 of 'The Quest to Save a God!' by Dylan, Jaidip, Faryal, Summayyah, Jessica and Halima

Slowly, steadily, Jason and Lewis walked towards the dark and dusty labyrinth entrance. Jason heard
Chiron speak. “Good luck you two on your Quest.”
“Thanks Chiron.” they replied. And then Jason and Lewis descended into the labyrinth .Cautiously, Jason looked back at the closed entrance. “Come on, lets get that gem!” said Lewis encouragingly . Slowly, they looked around when suddenly, they heard a deafening “ BANG!”. Almost instantly, Lewis took out his crossbow and Jason took out Riptide. “Raaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” screamed a voice. Just then, a colossal, bulky figure emerged from the darkness. “ It’s the minotaur, the guardian of the labyrinth! Lewis, fire your arrows at him!” said Jason. With a thud, the minotaur fell to the ground. It wasn’t dead, however, it was terribly wounded. Immediately, Jason swiped at the beast with Riptide but the minotaur stuck its horn into Jason’s arm. “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” screeched Jason. Even though Jason was in immense pain, he was still determined to annihilate this foul and insufferable beast. “Lewis, you need to shoot it because one more hit will destroy it!” shouted Jason.
“But if I miss, it will strike you!” replied Lewis.
“I don’t care, just shoot!” said Jason anxiously. Shaking, Lewis carefully aimed his crossbow and fired!
Abruptly, Jason struck the Minotaur’s horn with riptide and the horn broke of. The arrow pierced the minotaur’s skin, and with a yell, the monster disintegrated to dust. “Yes!” shouted Lewis triumphantly.
Lewis’s smile turned into a frown. “Jason! Are you alright? That wound is pumping blood out quicker than a jet propelled cheetah!” said Lewis. Just then, a strange robot walked up to Jason. “Come with me and I will heal your wound,” it said. They followed the robot-man but Jason stayed right behind it just in case it was a trap. They entered a large warehouse. It was filled with many technical and bamboozling computers. “so demigods, Lewis’s smile turned into a frown. “Jason! Are you alright? That wound is pumping blood out quicker than a jet propelled cheetah!” said Lewis. Just then, a strange robot walked up to Jason. “Come with me and I will heal your wound,” it said. They followed the robot-man but Jason stayed right behind it just in case it was a trap. They entered a large warehouse. It was filled with many technical and bamboozling computers. “so demigods, Emerald ,Ruby, or sapphire?”Deaduls asked us.

Chapter Two of The spirit of Arkham by Summer, Venus, Luisa, Dildeep and Sanjit

Chapter 2- Snake World!

Sarah entered the pink door it sucked Sarah in like a snake which hasn’t eaten for millenniums. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! The next thing I knew I was sliding down a slippery, cunning snake. Terrified Sarah quickly jumped in the air not knowing what to expect next but then Sarah realised that she was about to drop in a snakes MOUTH!!!!!!! . Sarah knew it will be the end or will it ? As Sarah was falling as fast As a cheater with nitro jets luckily she found a stone in her pocket at that very moment Sarah saw a sword chucked the stone at it it went falling down into Sarah’s hand. Sarah grabbed the sword and stabbed it straight through the snakes mouth …
At that very second all the snakes in the world came together chasing after Sarah the snakes had a look in there eyes they had a look only hell can produce. I saw a abandoned house as I got closer it started to collapse and shatter into millions of pieces there were three bridges in front of him which did he choose the wooden bridge, the metal bridge or the rickety bridge.

Chapter 2 of The Adventures of Tane by Tyler, Aman, Niamh and Elliott

Chapter Two: Brick House

žTane walked in to the house just before there was a thunder storm. He walked in and dropped his bags to the floor and they made a deafening THUD!  He walked around trying to find somewhere to sit down.
Eventually, he found the living room, sat down and tried to turn the television on. Tane lay down and thought how long is it going to take. Suddenly, he could smell a damp smell but it kept on changing to a burnt smell. Then he saw a bright blaze that came from up stairs however, he thought that was weird because there was a storm out side. Tane walked around trying to find where that blaze came from. On the outside he looked like a spy (but on the inside he was petrified.)
žTane was walking around trying to find where the blaze was coming from. Then a sudden noise echoed in the vast corridor. It was a telephone ringing. Tane got anxious. He walked towards the telephone; he picked it up before his mobile started ringing. There was a peculiar silence. He decided to go and have a shower. When he was standing beside the shower he heard the echoing voice again. Stepping, over the bath Tane felt the water cascading down on to him at a force, the force as so powerful it felt like it was giving him a massage. As he was showering he could see a faint person appearing but it suddenly faded away in the mystical steam from the hot water. Scared, petrified, terrified Tane immediately turned the shower off, ran into a bedroom, got into bed and covered him self in a duvet and layer on the mattress.
žAfter a while he finally got the guts to go and have a look around to see if there was anything else that was freaky about the house. He went back down stairs and went into the kitchen to see if there was something to eat. But there was only apple juice, bread and a toaster. He put his bread into the toaster and went into the living room. It had been around half an hour and Tane had fallen asleep. He woke up via a burning smell and ran the kitchen, but it was to late and he ran upstairs into the loft conversion and shut the door behind him. He had to find somewhere to keep cover from the fire. Tane had a stupid moment and didn’t get some water to at least to stop the fire. He saw 3 wardrobes 1 red, 1green, 1 blue. Which one did he choose?
žChapter Three: Green Wardrobe, Chapter Three: Blue wardrobe, Chapter three: red wardrobe

Chapter 2 – Destruction Of The Devil By Simran, Hamzah, Ryan, Kimran, Kieron and Oceane

Chapter 2
The Haunted House

Spike was strolling down the misty hill along the ash path when he saw a terrifying haunted house.

As he opened the door he saw a strange character waiting in the shadows. Then he heard howling all around him a white figure floated in front of him , then it grabbed him by the hair. The figure dragged him into a room and locked the door.

Banging on the door Spike hoped someone would save him. Then he jumped out the window, and ran as fast as he could in front of him he saw three paths.

There was one facing North, one South and one of East.
Which one did he choose?
North, South or East

Chapter 2 – The adventure of Tom and Jeff! by Anoush, Amaan, Sarkia, Riya, Usmaan and Vikesh

Tower Pavement
Chapter 2: The Broken Building

The owner of the broken building had died in the building centuries ago and the legend says that still haunts the building. Tom and Jeff thought it was complete RUBISH!

The building had been half demolished and the windows had been smashed into minute, little pieces. It’s dangerous going into a half demolished building without an adult but this was an EMERGENCY! They had a case to solve. Carefully, tip-toeing they went inside. Suspiously, scrutinising Tom and Jeff snooped around looking for clues.

Just then a shiver ran down Jeff’s spine. “Did you feel that?” asked Jeff to Tom.” Feel what?” he answered back. “Eh…Nothing!” he said. Jeff was sure that something walked over his grave. But what?

Just then…SLAM! All doors closed! “How dare you trespass on my property!” Boomed a voice. Tom and Jeff’s feet knocked together.

“Do you think hes?” Jeff stopped. “Yeh hes…”said Tom. “THE OWNER!” They both screamed in terror. A white shadow formed in front of them. They knew they had to get out of the room. But how?

In the three corners of the room something began to glow. They were three doors a blue one, a green one and a red one.

Which one did they go into?

Blue Door, Green Door or Red Door


The Quest to Save a God! by Dylan, Jaidip, Faryal, Summayyah, Jessica and Halima

Chapter 1

“Jason, get over here, now!”

“I’m coming  Chiron.”  Jason wondered why Chiron ,who was his leader was calling him. Jason was a hero to his village and had saved it many times. He was armed with a magician’s sword which could turn into a pen and every time he lost it, it came back to his pocket as a pen. He had a powerful partner named Lewis, who was armed with a magical poisonous crossbow. Most common monsters would disintegrate when swiped with it . “Jason! Zeus has been captured by the vile kronos and we need your help to free him. Will you and Lewis do it?” asked Chiron. “Of course well do it. While I’m alive, I shall do it!”replied Jason

“very well then, the quest will be highly hazardous. You have 3 choices and each of these places have a jewel which will guide you to Kronos. Will you choose the labyrinth, cave ,or the forest of spikes.’ asked Chiron.

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