Maths Challenge Game

Hello my name is Anoush  I have done a board game in maths, me and my patner were the only people to create a game. We think everyone that has played it so far has found it really good because it’s only a gameso there not stressed out about it. Most people have done question sheet so they would of found it hard so that’s why we thought we should make a board game.When I was making the board questions I was also anwering the questions so I did learn thing throughout it.

Challenge Problems

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In 6H (maths) we have been working in pairs to create a maths sheet or a board game so others can answer. We had to include factors, squared numbers, prime numbers, multiples and we have been doing missing numbers.  Every one has enjoyed doing maths! When we first got told what to do we didnt understand but now it is easy. On some questions we had to QUACK.



Untitled from katy berryman on Vimeo.

Night at the Museum by Taranpreet

Amazed and mesmerised, interested and intrigued, the kids stepped into the grand museum. All the different scultptures and antiques were certainly a sight to see. Rapidly, the children ran to the immense dinosaur, which was constructed out of bones, and scrutinized it. Whilst one boy called Tommy had preferred to see the African animals. He glanced round the room  to see if it was safe.

He stepped into the room and danced around the giant African mask taking quick looks at the animals. None of the animals were eye catching enough for him, except the monkey. He looked really cute with his big, circular eyes and his ears in the shape of a semi-circle. Tommy would do anything to get that monkey. He hid behind the colossal statue of a lion and waited until his school had left.

Tommy sat for two hours and finally his school went. The gates closed for the museum. No one seemed to be around so he knew it was time.

Carefully, creeping Tommy went back to the main hall and found the keys to the monkey cage eventhough he was not alive he still has to have a cage!

Tommy was worried but was desperate. He took the key out from his pocket and pushed it in the key hole. He turned it. Out jumped the monkey. Tommy let out a scream – full of fear. The monkey scratched Tommy’s face, and tore his ear off. The scene was horrific but a six year old boy like him shouldn’t be going through this. His clothes were torn but no one come to help…….

Night at the Museum by Simranjeet

One day I had to work at Simbar’s Museum for a night shift by myself.

Simbar said ‘if anyone knocks the door do not open it.’

So I said ‘Ok!’ He told me to go and look around. While I was looking around I heard water slashing so I went to have a look. I put my torch on and had a look around me and all I saw was a T-Rex! and all I shouted was ‘aaahhhhh! Someone help me!’

When I turned around and saw a T-Rex chasing me so I ran and ran and ran and when I turned around, there was a monkey, a T-Rex and also a lion. Next the T-Rex swallowed me up but I came out of his bum. Then the Eagles came and started to bite me. It hurt! The gorilla came and started to push me out of the room. They pushed me out and locked the door. I didn’t know what to do……..

Night at the Museum by Jaidip

Slowly, I walked from room to room. I was on night patrol and, even though I’d been on night patrol before, this time I felt uneasy. My palms were sweaty, everything was spinning and I had butterflies in my stomach – all because I heard a loud thud!

Suddenly, I felt something brush against my hair. My hair stood up! Shutting my eyes, I turned around slowly. As soon as I opened my eyes, I shrieked “Aaaa!” Swiftly, I sprinted along the gallery (which now seemed 10x longer). Briskly, the colossal dinosaur, which was a T-Rex, zoomed after me, while moving with great maneuverability.

Rapidly, the T-Rex gained on me. I ran even harder. But the dinosaur’s jaws closed around me. Shocked, surprised, stunned, I attempted to escape. I failed. Momentarily, there was a silence. Then, the dino’s tongue – which was just a single bone – fell of. Gripping tightly on the tongue, I broke through the dinosaur’s stomach. The dinosaur’s body shattered. I dragged the remains of the body and dumped it on its stand. Almost instantly, the body re-grew and regenerated itself.

“Phew,” I whispered. I barged through the door, which I then locked, and made a short journey to the manager’s house. As I knocked on the door, I spotted to people skirmishing in the window. “What do you want?” the manager Jeff said. “I’m here to tell you that the exhibits are ALIVE!” I shouted. “Consequently, I quit!” I said. Just then, Jeff replied. “Wait! I know. All of my night patrollers quit because of that they seem hazardous at first, however, they’re actually very friendly.” Should I quit or should I stay?

Night at the Museum! by Faryal

There was a long silence. Slowly, carefully I walked through the enormous, dark museum. Silence remained could hardly see with only a dim, old torch immediately, there was A CRUSHING noise ‘‘CRUSH! CRUSH! CRUSH! BANG!’’ It repeated again and again.

Quickly, I sprinted to the closest wall that was near me. I crouched down to my knees’ looked to the left and I looked to the right, there was nothing apart from a stinking smell on the top of me. My heart started to beat quickly. By the time I looked up a big slimy thing that had fallen on me. As soon as I faced up I saw a veracious, blood thirsty dinosaur staring at me. His eyes pierced through my mind and then he roared. ‘‘UUUGHHHHH’’he roared out loud.

I slapped his mouth shut and ran as fast as I possibly could, my torch dropped but I didn’t really bother about it. Well if you were in danger like this what will you have done?
a) Pick up torch?
b) Run for your life?

I ran and ran until I came to a large sign which said do not enter without a trourest.i didn’t really care. I ran in and the dinosaur stopped. I looked at him. No offence but this dinosaur was even uglier then magus in flip-flops.

I looked into his eyes and said. ‘‘Do you really want to eat me? I whispered silently. ‘‘I mean if you don’t we can be friends’’ I said. He shook his head. ‘So is that a yes then?’ he nodded .I patted him on the head. There was an awkward silence. Then suddenly a bunch of little people and one of them said ‘‘attack them.’ The others said ‘Yes Sir!’ The dinosaur wacked his tail at me and it carried me to his back. He raced to the first floor and stopped at a large door. I opened it with one hand whilst holding the dinosaur with the other hand. The door shut behind them us and the 26th president of America was standing on a horse. ‘How did you get yourself in here mate?’ he said in a cowboy accent.

‘Ummm I’m on my night shift as a guard, can you tell me how the statues and other things come alive.’ I asked ‘Yeah sure. We come alive every day after 1pm!’