Our visit to the library

On Fridays year 6 go to Thimblemill  Library. This week we are learning about genres, we have  been looking for genres that we don’t read and some of the children have started the genre hunt in the library. Genre  hunt is when you look at books and try to identify there genres. We also had a story read to us by a volunter. We had a great time in the library this week.  

100 Word Challenge!

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This weeks 100 Word Challenge is:


We’re giving you 5 words and they MUST   appear in your writing. If you could highlight them or put them in bold it will help your   readers to find them!



You could visit:


and have a look at the entries from other children. Why not leave them a comment?


100 Word Challenge

Please read this 100 word challenge that was completed for homework. Tell her what impresses you about the piece of writing and maybe a wish for this piece of writing. Comments can be  made by clicking on the word comment.  They can be spoken or written comments  but please think carefully about your comment.

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100 Word Challenge

This week, you neeed to write 100 words using this opening phrase as a starting point:

The crystal water was so clear you could see the bottom of………………

The crystal water was so clear you could see the bottom of the blue ocean. You could also see wild and amazing fish swimming swiftly through the clean ocean. Meanwhile, on the top of the sea there were people kayaking. James, who was lying on the beach, decided to go for a swim. He walked down the long sandy beach whilst putting his snorkeling gear on. As soon as he got to the sea he immediately jump in and swam a mile out from shore. Then he looked down and there in front of his eyes he saw amazing dolphins playing around and jumping out of the water doing double somersaults.

By Elliott

The crystal water was so clear you could see the bottom of the deep, turquoise sea. As I stepped on to the soft, smooth sand it tickled my feet. When I stepped into the sea endless plains of mountainous blue waves splashed me. However, when I looked back I saw the most mysterious, bizarre house I’d ever seen. As I walked towards it I saw a shadow. It was a woman. When I looked around myself I just saw shadows surrounding me. What was happening to me? Then it all disappeared. Was it real or was it just a dream?

By Aman