Black Country Museum Trip

Year 6 had a great time at the Black Country Living Museum. We visited several different styles of house ranging from Back to Backs (where there was only one room downstairs and one room upstairs,) to the Cast Iron House. The victorian school teacher was very strict, making us sit in rows with our hands behind our backs, she also had a cane! The trip down the mine was very exciting allowing us to see the environment the miners worked in. We visited the Iron monger, pharmacy, general store and had a ride on the tram.

Breaking News!

Listen to the most recent ‘Breaking News’ broadcast here. This broadcast was written, recorded and edited by children in the university course from a mix of year groups.

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New Topic

Our new topic is Who Lives in a House Like This? As apart of our topic we are SuperSizeing. What we do is get a regular small item from the class, measure the sides, sketched the items and then timesed it by 5 10 15 or 20. We will be building our SuperSized objects. This topic involves both maths and teamwork. We have made a list of what we need in our book, like our team, Reasoures, ect. We could choose anthing thing in the class like a pin, leaf, pencill, rubber.
Just anything you might find in a class room or a pocket.