In our topic this term we have been working to produce presentations and a soap opera.
Teams have done: the science of soap, the history of soap, bubble printing, amazing bubble poems, soap operas [good to be me] and moonlight maths where we had to create net’s of 3D shapes an the shapes them selves.

Red Nose Day

We all did something funny for money around Warley Woods. Some of us barked like dogs, wore our clothes backwards, skipped, three legged walking, bounced like rabbits and had pillow fights along the way. It was great fun for a really good cause.

Maths Challenge – Moonlight Soap

This is the challenge that Year 6 at Bearwood are working on this week, to help us answer questions about 2d and 3d shape, area, perimeter, volume and nets.

How would you do it?

You have been hired to design the packaging for a new range of soaps.

You have just 3 days to plan and construct the following boxes.

You will work in teams of 3.

Your work will be scored by the rest of the class and the winning team will receive the contract for making all of the packaging for Moonlight.

As a team you will need to design 4 boxes:

A cube for a football soap with a volume of 64cm cubed.
A cuboid for a bar of soap with a volume of 100 cm cubed
A square based pyramid for a bath bomb
A triangular prism for a bottle of liquid soap.

All boxes must meet strict standards:

Correct number of faces
Correctly shaped faces
Correct connection
Accurate measurements
Nets must be displayed for future use
Boxes must be displayed showing final designs
The perimeter and area of each face must also be displayed on the net.

Tyesha and Sukhdeep's SATs Questions.

Tyesha and Sukhdeep have written a selection of ‘I think of a number questions…’

Have a go at answering them, but bring your answers to school, rather than leaving them as a comment here!

1)Jenny thinks of a number. She doubles her number. She then divides her number by 3. Her new number is 24 what was her old number.

2) Josh thinks of a number. He adds 34 to his number. He then doubles his answer. His new number is 132 what number did he start with?

3) Raj had a number in his head. He times it by 4. Then adds 15. This number now is 95. What is the number he started with?

4) Callum thinks of a number. He times his number by 5. Then he adds 5 to his number. His new number is 55. What number did he start with?

5) James thinks of a number. He divides his number by 4. Then he adds 20 to his number. His new number is 34. What number did he start off with?

6) Sam thinks of a number adds 2 then times by 5. Hi number is now 50. What number did he start with?

7) Alison thinks of a number she times 4 to her number then adds 45 her new number is 93. What number did she start with?

8) Tom thinks of a number. Adds 7 then times by 6. His number is 66. What number did he start with?

100 word challange Bilal

The crystal water was so clear that you could see the bottom of the ocean ripping apart and bits of lava were bubbling.The frightening lava was about to explode and launch out of the hole ang the crystal water was about to get ruined by the very hot frightening lava.The lava was bright orange with some yellow highlight and there were three camaflarged sharks – all dead. They had no eyes and one shark was in half. All the lava was shooting up and broke the white roof.It was dark and gloomy.All the town was dark and gloomy.All the ground was getting split a part. And that was the end!

100 words maria

The crystal water was so clear you could see the bottom of the sea. It was so clear that a girl came to see it. The girl was called Natasha. She always thought of swimming down there. Natasha came back after dinner. She scattered up the hill and down. She ran fast as the wind. Natasha saw fire works twirling in the sky. She was staring, quietly. Suddenly she rolled down and down then SPLASH! She drowned.