African Drums Workshop

I’ve just been down to the small hall, where a selection of children from Bearwood are having an African Drums Workshop – They had picked it up really quickly and it sounded amazing! I’m going to go back down shortly to see how they’re getting on!

Mr M!

A little snippet of playing!

Super Sentence Skills

During last week, we asked you to revise the different types of sentences that you have learnt in school, such as 2a, emotion, and ing ly.

Why not share some of your own examples of the different sentence types below – remember:
Think it!
Say it! (In your head)
Like it!
Write it!
Check it!

I’m looking forward to reading them!

Mr M!

Half-term Pre-Learning

Hi all!

Here’s a brief recap of Pre-learning for the half term holiday!

The key features of a balanced argument.

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (FDP), concentrating mainly on Decimals and Percentages

Create a Mind map of Science vocabulary you have come across so far this term.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment!

Mr M!

The Haka!

In P.E 6H have been creating our own Haka’s. We have been practising for four weeks.

We needed to include: Agressive body posture, strong body movements, angry facial expressions and using the tongue muscle. We also needed to work in unison and include a canon (which is a bit like a mexican wave) and taunts.

We had to make sure we bent our arms and legs but the most important thing was definitely rhythm.