Dream Holiday

Students in Mr J’s Numeracy Experience Group will be visiting the First Choice Travel Agent to find out how much their dream holiday would cost. Start thinking about :- where you’d like to go, what sort of accommodation you’d like, what you want to do there and how you’d like to travel.

PS Mr J will not be paying. Sorry!

Talk Homework – 24th November

New Authors Required

The Publishers of Lightening Reads are looking to publish more short stories that can be used in schools across the country.

The first story is to be called:
The Big Event

Write a short story based on this idea. However, the publishers have insisted that the story starts with these words.

I was so nervous! My heart was pounding and my legs felt like jelly. I swallowed hard. I knew that soon the moment would come.

You will need to decide:
What the big event is;
Why you were feeling nervous;
What you had to do:
How you felt afterwards.

Remember, to use your targets and the super skills you have been taught!

Mr Barton's Science Experiments

Mixing solids and liquids

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.976794&w=425&h=350&fv=file%3Dtbos88irSKQPo1V6jlsU9w%26calltoaction_panel%3Dpostroll_squares%26start_hq%3Dtrue%26startstretched%3Dfalse%26image%3Dauto%26environment%3Dproduction%26animoto_mode%3Dconsumer%26autostart%3Dfalse%26duration%3D37477%26created%3D1290010543%26calltoaction_text%3D%26calltoaction_url%3D%26id%3DvideoPlayer]