Can we persuade you to visit Cirque Du Freak?

Cirque Du Freak
Do you love devilish behaviour? Do you love to jump out of your skin? Do you need a place where you will never have a peaceful sleep again? Are you in need of somewhere where you will get a chill to the bone?

Well stop right there! Cirque Du Freak is the place for you!

The Wolf Man(The real life werewolf)
Terrifying as he is, the wolf man is the only one of his kind, embraced by a mane of hair. His piercing grey eyes stare through the audience as they wonder if you are his next course. His menacing, blood covered teeth shine as bright as the sun! His presence fills the place with horror. Not only does he have a scary face, his ears are as big as a water bottle. His hair is as spiky as a hedgehogs and is raven black.

Pavanjit Bains, a fan of the freak show said : “ The show was gruesome, gory and grizzly. But the bearded lady was gorgeous, resplendent and elegant. This was the best show and everybody needs to see it”.

Abdul Hussain, an enthralled customer said : “ That was the coolest show ever! Especially Rhamus Twobellies. He ate all of that metal so quickly and he actually had two stomachs. That bearded lady had such a long beard (I wish I could marry her). That Alexander Ribs guy put his head right through his legs!”

Bone rattling and head clattering
This show will rattle your bones and leave you with a chill of frights. It will ban you from sleeping for the rest of your life. You would love to come. You will cry yourself to death if you don’t!

Can we persuade you to visit Cirque Du Freak?

Cirque Du Freak

Are you interested in eccentric behaviour? Do you love to get your soul frightened out of your body? Do you want to make the unbelievable believable? Are you in need of making your nightmares a reality?

Well stay right where you are – Cirque Du Freak, with its excruciating, agonising torment and torture, is coming to a town near you!

The Wolfman

The Wolfman, in all its horror, is a vicious beast that could remove a head in a single bite. With its hunched back like a question mark and piercing red eyes, its terrifying presence is enough to give a grown man a heart-attack. This merciless beast’s face is emaciated and gaunt-looking, but don’t be fooled; it is a ruthless killer. Brutal, barbaric and blood-thirsty, its grizzled tufts of hair can petrify an audience. Saliva dribbles down his yellow-teeth-filled mouth as sweat trickles down his chest.

A cast-iron configuration is needed to withstand this living hell…

Quotes from dazzled viewers

Heart pounding, soul stunned and face wet with perspiration, Steven Daniels said: “Oh my god! Was that amazing or what?! I didn’t realise how gruesome that was going to be, I definitely wouldn’t be able to take my scaredy-cat sister. It was grotesquafabulaous when the Wolfman bit off that woman’s arm. Cirque Du Freak is one of the best performances ever. Oh! And how that fat guy ate was incredible. The goodies you can buy are quirky and outlandish. How I yearn and pine to watch it again and again!”

Dazzling and enthralling

The only words to describe this show are gory, gruesome and grotesque. It’s full of devilish yet captivating acts that leave you hungry for more. It’s an experience that is unforgettable, indelible and breath-taking. I guarantee that you will rejoice in the abundance of freaks, but I think it’s time you saw it for yourself-don’t you?

Can we persuade you to visit Cirque Du Freak?


Do you love to be creeped out? Do you love devilish behaviour? Do you need to be scared out of your wits? Are you in need to witness the ‘freakishly’ weird? Do you need to come face to face with your worst nightmare?

For one week only, Cirque Du Freak!

The Wolf-Man (A real life werewolf)
Gigantic, gory, glum, the Wolf-Man is an act you won’t forget. He smells, he’s ugly, he’s horrible! But, he’s an important part of the Cirque Du Freak clan: his shabby appearance attracts the gasps of the audience. His teeth are as sharp as they are yellow. If there’s one person in this freak show you don’t want to mess with, it’s the Wolf-Man.

An asylum is needed to contain this vivid nightmare.

Elizabeth Van Souwe, a shaking teenager, said excitedly, “It was grim, ghastly and great, a show for everyone. It was an un-rewindable experience. I wish I could go again.”

Enchanting and fascinating
This spectacle has lots more morbid and grotesque acts, each of them creepier than the last. If you love the odd and the fiendishly weird, this is the show for you. But, I think you should see them for yourself, not just in a flyer – do you?

Can we persuade you to visit the Cirque Du Freak?

Cirque Du Freak

Do you love abnormal behaviour? Do you love to be so terrified that you have excruciating, agonising nightmares for the rest of your life? Do you need a place where you can expect the unexpected? Are you in need of somewhere where you can witness the supernatural?

Well stop right there – Cirque Du Freak is coming to a town near you!

The Wolf Man

The Wolf Man ( the worlds wildest man ) is one of the many members of Cirque Du Freak’s highly infamous fraternity: his terrifying presence is enough to send a man sprawling on the floor. Not only is his presence bad enough, his appearance is far more worse: his broad, muscular body is always drenched in sweat, his face emaciated, gaunt looking, but vicious. His back, which is covered with grizzled tufts of raven black hair, is hunched like a question mark.

A cast-iron fettle is needed to withstand Cirque Du Freak’s living nightmare.

A first-hand view from a spellbound spectator

This is one of the many pieces of feed back from an audience member. Sitara Baumbach said, “Spellbound, mesmerised and enthralled are all words to describe my reaction to the Cirque Du Freak. The Wolf Man was a real ‘fang-dropper’. If I had a choice, I would rather watch this marvellous exhibition of entertainment for the rest of my life. But be warned, this show is not for the faint hearted. If you do manage to gather up all of the courage to go, I guarantee you that you will love the show and the treats and souvenirs!”

Hypnotising and enthralled

This display has many more devilishly and dastardly acts, and if you yearn the morbid and the grisly – this is the show that you were born to see. But if you want to experience the gross repulsion of this spectacle, I think it is a fine choice to buy those tickets – do you?

Laraib’s letter from the University of Bristol

Recently, members of Year 6 sent letters to people all over the world asking for information regarding a Great. We’ve received replies from as far as Australia, all containing lots of information.

Laraib received a really informative reply from Dr Martin Hurcombe, who works at the University of Bristol. Laraib asked for information about the Great War and Dr Hurcombe replied with lots of information Laraib will use in her e-book.

Half term!

Well done everyone for all of your hard work over the past half term – please have a well deserved rest during the week, but please remember to do your homework!

Just so you know, this is what we’d like you to do and the days you need to do it by:

Reading (Monday 28th February): Book 2
‘The Kon-Tiki Voyage’ Pg 4-13
‘Jason and the Argonauts’ Pg 14-22

Mathematics (Tuesday 1st March):
Pages 18 – 27, plus any mymaths homework you have been set.

Spelling (Wednesday 2nd March):
Pages 10 – 15

Grammar (Thursday 3rd March):
Pages 10 – 15

Punctuation (Friday 4th March):
Pages 10 – 15

If you have any questions about homework during the holidays, leave a comment and we’ll try to get back to you.