5b’s short burst writing

Here are some examples of short burst writing that we did on Friday. We based them on an example first person recount and adapted it to fit part of a recount about Mount Vesuvius erupting, which we are learning about at the moment.



After one hour of running like a maniac I could finally see the boats swaying side to side like a cradle. I noticed straight away that the azure blue sky was gone. A strong wind of ash was coming in my direction, people were screaming and running away. Eventually, I got onto the boat and the ash crept closer.  (By Priya)



After two tortuous hours of racing against time, we finally found the boats swiftly dancing  back and forth on the bouncy waves below. We. It iced straight away that a blanket of thick black smoke was escaping the mouth of the volcano. (By Allayna)




After one hour of running endlessly for my life I finally saw the boats of the port. I looked behind. I saw the lava racing down like Usain Bolt towards me head first. I thought my life was over but giving up was not my style. So I ran and ran. I made it. (By Bilal)

Exciting drama morning!

This morning we had visitors come in and teach us drama skills. We had to work as a team to create a type of transport, using our body parts to connect us to others in the class.

At first we had to create an action about what we think the future might look like. Then the whole class created a time machine to go into the future. We had to make movements and noises for our machine. We really enjoyed working as a team to make the time machine, tell us what you think by commenting below.

By Areeba, Jannah and Irfan.

The Dig.

Today we went to Calthorpe Haven and became archaeologists. We had to dig to find clues about our new topic. We found a Roman Solidier, a map of Rome, a metal detector, a piece of mosaic and a rope. It was hard to find the clues and took a lot of time and good team work, however we found them all and we enjoyed ourselves.

Afterwards we had to think what do they have to do with the Romans? Whywas there rope in the find?

By Shazia, Priya and Allayna.




Year 5 meet Shoo Rayner

Last week we visited Thimblemill Library where we were lucky enough to meet Shoo Rayner. It was interesting to hear all about how he became an author and we enjoyed listening to him read us a short story. He even showed us how to draw characters from his books.

We have been using the tips he gave us and also watching his short drawing clips on YouTube to help us draw Astronauts, planets and lots of other space related pictures for our topic.