Oh No It Isn’t!

10 thoughts on “Oh No It Isn’t!

  1. I really enjoyed our pantomime and i hope the parents really enjoy it. It’s really funny and everyone that’s watched loves and I hope you do.

  2. I really enjoyed our pantomime with the painting and making the props and doing the backdrop. I think a lot of schools should make their own pantomimes and they don’t have to be a Disney story you could just make it up.

  3. Rory had a great time at the Saint Patrick’s day parade and says La` fheile Padraig sons dhuit / happy st Patrick’s day. and wishes you all Sainte is tainte or health and wealth! Eire go brach!

  4. hey,hey,hey this is Rochante here and I was in the Panto aswell and I was one of the Prince’s consorts and I love the play!

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