Mars Adventure Stories

Make sure that you use the slideshow feature in Powerpoint to read these choose your own adventure stories!

5M Rainbow Table choose your own adventure story

5M Yellow table choose your own adventure

5M Cream Table choose your own adventure story

5M Blue choose your own adventure story

5M Green choose your own adventure story

5B Marooned on Mars

5B Liam’s Disaster on Mars

5B The Adventure of Liam on Mars

5B The Amazing Adventures of Liam

5B Liam’s Space Adventures

5B Marooned on Mars 2

5B Space Adventure

5B Liam’s Adventure on Mars

44 thoughts on “Mars Adventure Stories

  1. Your stories are brilliant 5M but I couldn’t read some of them because they were ether of the page or the writing was too big so it couldn’t fit on the page but apart from that I enjoyed them a lot.

  2. Melika and Faizaan you’ve really outdone yourselves I mean all your writing fits on the page and your slide is perfect even thought the hyperlinks don’t work but that didn’t stop your story from being amazing!!!

  3. Amal and Gary I have to suggest that one of your final chapter is a bit muddled up but it did include what I was looking for one is on the page and two is the descriptions and the overall score…….10/100

  4. Good work Amal and Gary. I like the effects for the hyperlinks and the animation for the slides. The actual Content itself was fabulous aswell

  5. Wow! Brill your story’s are lovely! I mean everyone’s story’s are lovely, but if I have to pick out which one is my favourite I would say 5m’s yellow table! Even though it is a bit of the page and the hyperlinks don’t work, that one is my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I like yasir and leontinas because they were really creative with their story and i like the way they put the animations on. i dislike it because one of their hyper-links never worked just a handy tip that i noticed.

  7. i like how you used a animations at the start but you could have put an animation on every one and i like how you used good conjunctions well done.

  8. Melika and Faizaan youโ€™ve really outdone yourselves I mean all your writing fits on the page and your slide is perfect even thought the hyperlinks donโ€™t work but that didnโ€™t stop your story from being amazing!!!

  9. Oliver and Alexias story was brilliant. I chose left, square and grass which led me back home. The only mistake is that on the circular tunnel its says leaving the lava behind but i read about the freezing cold.

  10. I like cream tables because they were really creative and made playing land I liked that because they made playing land of their own.

    I dislike this because one of there hyper-links never worked.

  11. I like the presentation in your power point it looks like you have put lots of effort in

    well done

    marooned on mars

    star : I like how you use all of your connectives.
    star : you had good endings to your story.
    wish : I think that your punctuation needs some work and it needs to make sense

  13. I like your adjectives 5m blue table but in paragraph the first sentence does not make sense so look at that and you could fix it apart from that it is realy good. You have also finished all the hyper links so thats a good part of it.

  14. Star: It was interesting to read so it can hook the reader.
    Star: There was a good use of adjectives which helped in using your imagination.
    Wish: There aren’t any speech marks so its a bit harder to tell if they’re speaking or not.
    Well done. I think your story is great!

  15. green table

    star: I liked how they used there speech
    star: I like how you used your connectives

    wish: I wish you could add in more punctuation

    I really enjoyed the story!!!!

  16. I love all of these storys, they are all amazing. I reaally love the one called rainbow make your own story because it had loads of description and had good opening sentences.

  17. I really enjoyed reading these blogs, I think they are really interesting. You have used some good words and interesting vocabulary. I really like how you did it on a powerpoint and made them look really nice to read. Well done.

  18. I like how you have used all the amazing openers, and in think you should write these when you are older for a living . Also I like the name Danny.

  19. Brilliant stories, these must have taken ages. I like how you have used power points and not just word, this is different. I will definitely have to ask Mr McHugh if we can do something similar.
    From Leah

  20. I really loved the rainbow table story that blew me away. The language in there is like level6 I think i’ll have to magpie some of that.
    from Leah

  21. I think you have done a really good job, although don’t forget your capital letters and your full stops. All of you have you some great openers; and your contribution is outstanding!

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