Emergency dance.

Every Tuesday we have been working with a visitor to do some drama relating to our topic ‘Emergency.’ This has included a group dance, story telling using drama and acting out emergency scenarios.

This week we really enjoyed choosing our own groups to rehearse and make up our own dance. We performed our routines to the class, we made sure that all 4 emergency services were included. These were the; coast guards, ambulance, police and fire services.

Here are some stars and wishes about each groups performance.

By Maya and Jaya.

4 thoughts on “Emergency dance.

  1. This week I’ve really enjoyed the emergency dance because we got to think of our own dance moves as a group.

  2. I enjoyed making up a dance with my group. We were confident performing after I tried to build up confidence for people who didn’t want to perform to the class and it worked. I also enjoyed watching other people’s performances because it was fun and we showed the same respect to them as they did to us. I am enjoying this drama class every single time I go in to the hall. 🙂 🙂

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