Exciting drama morning!

This morning we had visitors come in and teach us drama skills. We had to work as a team to create a type of transport, using our body parts to connect us to others in the class.

At first we had to create an action about what we think the future might look like. Then the whole class created a time machine to go into the future. We had to make movements and noises for our machine. We really enjoyed working as a team to make the time machine, tell us what you think by commenting below.

By Areeba, Jannah and Irfan.

3 thoughts on “Exciting drama morning!

  1. I really enjoyed having visitors come in to school and teach us drama. My favourite part of the morning was playing the spaghetti game because it taught us to be aware of where other people are. When we played sticky shapes it was hard because you had to stick together by using parts of your body, sometimes it was made even harder when we couldn’t stick our hands, legs, knees or elbows together.

    • I agree with you Charley! I also enjoyed when we made the time machine. The sound effects we all made were hilarious. I also liked Mark’s moustache. It was really weird, but cool!

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