Morning Everyone!

Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve had a good holiday.

Today’s task is to write up to a 100 word story, starting with the words…

It was the first day of the holidays, when suddenly…

Can you impress me by using SOAP and SNOT?

Good luck! Prizes for the best!

8 thoughts on “Morning Everyone!

  1. It was the first day of the holidays when suddenly I heard a strange sound outside which grew louder and louder. A spaceship driven by a giant green pig landed on my lawn with an oink!
    What could this mean I thought to myself. Out jumped the pig, oink he said, so in my best piggish I responded in the only way I could think of, oink to you too!
    I was puzzled by one thing though…what do you think it could be?

  2. It was the first day of the summer holidays when suddenly I had the most marvellous idea of my entire life…I was going to attempt to build an amazing time travelling machine! I set to work immediately by compiling a list of the things that I would need…a battered shopping trolley, some sticky back plastic, a pair of wings, plenty of silver foil, and my favourite tuna, jam and blueberry sandwiches for the journey. Following some intense DIY work, my machine was ready. Excitedly, I reached out to press the big red start button. All of a sudden, there was a mighty BOOM and I felt myself being hurled back through time and space. It was the first day of the summer holidays…

  3. It was the first day of the holidays, when suddenly there was a loud ring in my ears. I thought my Y ear drums were going to burst. It was my alarm clock waking me from a deep slumber. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my clothes and started to get ready. I went down stairs to get myself some breakfast. It was strangely quiet. I wondered why nobody else was up but carried on eating. I enjoyed crunching my way through the golden flakes. I finished, washed up and got in my car. It was a hot, stuffy day but the sun was shining so I felt on top of the world. I wass driving along listening to the radio when I started to wonder why the roads were so quiet. I thought ‘great’ I will arrive early today and get that homework I had left over from yesterday marked before the kids get in. When I pulled up in front of the big, grey building which was surrounded by trees, all of a sudden it occurred to me ……IT WAS THE HOLIDAYS!!!!oh well, back home to bed for me.

  4. It was the first day of the holiday, when suddenly the heavens opened and the rain came pouring down as though the floodgates of a massive dam had opened. Jumbo and Titch the Giant snails from Woodhall School sat glumly in their tank wishing they were somewhere else. Suddenly Peter the caretaker swooped down and they found themselves flying through the air. Coming to rest balanced precariously on top of a pile of boxes they wondered what on earth was happening. This wasn’t the usual summer holiday drill! As the bright yellow trolley supporting the boxes trundled into the P.E. Hall they had a feeling something exciting was going on…

  5. It was the first day of the holidays, when suddenly I realised it was only four and a half weeks until we had to go back and the warm, salty tears spilled down my cheeks like a torrent of Indian Ocean surf. With almost a month of the break already committed to fun and frolicking, the realisation of how little time I had remaining to tackle the mundane loomed large like a menacing monster lurking in the shadows of every incomplete job.

  6. It was the first day of the holidays when suddenly there was a very loud explosion outside in my garden. To my horror I saw a spaceship floating in my mums pond. Standing in my pyjamas I wiped the sleep from my eyes and started to shake with excitement because I couldn’t believe what I could see. ” Is that really a spaceship?”
    Mum began yelling “Archie, turn your television down, how many times do I have to tell you not to have it so loud!” What mum didn’t realise it wasn’t my television

  7. It was the first day of the summer holidays,suddenly Iwas locked in my room before I knew it I as grounded because I threw a brick in the neibourghs garden. I was really naughty I am naughty at school,at home, and everywhere I get grounded four times a week. The fifth tim I got grounded I had to think about something to do with being naughty. So then I went to my teacher that day after shool I asked her what stuff do I have to do to start to be a star student. She told me that I have to tidy up the classroom, listen to your elders, put your hand up,and just follow instructions. So from that day I started to do all them things my mom and dad where so surprised that my moms jaw dropped open and dad was sitting there relaxed. I was really surprised at myself it was like I was a totally different person it as like my life had been turned around. The next day at school I went to my teacher and then I thanked her she was really surprised to and so where the people of my class. Everyone in my class where praising me I made a lot more friends then before I was mind blowed. I guess that’s the story of jack

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