Writing inspired by The Piano, by Daniel

The Battlefield Coen.
14th June 2014.

Dear Edna and Little Maxie,

My love, I am writing to you to say sorry that I’ve never been a good husband and father. But how are you? How are things in Britain? What about Max?
Is he ok? You know what? I just haven’t been around so I have my mouth full of questions… And it is with regret that in the war, my brother has gone to a better place… But the problem is… It’s all my fault!

You see, what happened was I ran to shelter and my brother was there. But what happens now felt like it happened it a second. I signalled him. I was removing the ring to keep it safe instead of watching for gun fire. He got shot. I verbally screamed until the fallen bullets started covering their ears. By the time I picked him up his pulse was stopping. When I took the wrong thing from my first aid kit his pulse stopped. It was too late. But it was funny because I picked up a tiny plaster!

Moving on, the horses we ride here remind me of a present from childhood.

From, your loving husband/father, Tom.

Problem Solving

Next week, we will be completing our end of year assessments for Year 5. It’s nothing to worry about, but it’s really important that you try hard to do your best.

Watch the video below and leave a comment to say how it can help you to solve a maths problem.