The Amazing History of Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes Benz is a multi-millionaire car company. It was founded by Karl Benz,a German who hadn’t realized the contribution he’d make to modern transport Karl Benz made the first ever car.

The top speed of the car was 14mph back then that was a amazing speed back then. It was a three wheeler and was powered by petrol it had a tube steel frame with wood and a seat for two attached to it. There would just be stick to steer and another to change gears and brake.

In 1888 Karl’s invention was not very popular because it would brake down often. This was until his wife ,Bertha Benz, pulled of the mother of all publicity stunts, She rode her husbands car without telling him and went from her house to her mothers which was a gruelling 75 miles. This was not easy with the engine breaking down constantly, Bertha needed to repair it her self and petrol stations hadn’t been invented yet Bertha had to get petrol wherever she could. When word got out of this stunt Benz’s car was a success.

While Benz was building his cars by hand an american ‘Henry Ford’ was making cars in massive scale he went on to making the worlds first car assembly line.This was car parts moving on a conveyor belt and then workers would put them together. Benz would later gon on and get his car patented then start his first factory. Karl Benz was a genius transforming the way we travel.Without him we’d probably still use a horse and carriage. I do not know how his cars turned from this old car

to this sleek car.

First Aid in 5M

Today, a lady came to talk to us about First Aid in 5M. It was really interesting and I have learnt a lot. I now know how to save somebody’s life. I have to remember DR ABC.

Danger- Always check for any danger/hazards

Airways- Unblock their airways. Put your fingers the forehead, making sure the head is in a good position.

Breathing- Check if the person is breathing. Go close to their mouth and listen carefully to see if you can hear any breathing or look at the persons chest. Make sure it is going up and down.

Circulation- Gently move your hands down the body, to check if there is any bleeding.

Always make sure your telling the person what you are doing.

Then, put them into the Recovery Position.