A descriptive paragraph

Despondency and oppression flustered Jack Ryan, an adolescent of many unparalleled talents, with great grief, misery and despair. He tried to suppress the adrenaline that surged through his body like a ruthless tempest, and quell a spasm of nervousness and agitation. Quarrelsome and loathsome storm clouds, which motionlessly floated in the vague grey, dismal sky, billowed and threatened to drizzle. Silhouettes of what seemed to be twisted branches ominously pointed in vindictive pleasure, like skinny fingers. Depression strengthened. Jack’s every nerve tingled with premonition of imminent and inevitable peril.

Aryan Sharma.

8 thoughts on “A descriptive paragraph

  1. Wow Aryan, that’s a really good, descriptive paragraph. Some of the words or most of the words I didn’t understand though.

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