Little Red Riding Hood Newspaper. By Sian

The Girl who cried Wolf!

By Sian Dullay

Yesterday, Jim Stevenson was given a prestigious medal, for bravely savingLittle Red Riding Hood and her Grandma from the Big Bad Wolf.

It all started when Mr Stevenson was cutting wood in the Local Wood.
He heard shrill screams in the distance. He carefully approached the scene, therefore witnessing the vicious wolf gobble up Little Red Riding Hood’s Granny. Anxious, curious and nervous, Jim rapidly ran to the wolf, slaughtered it and tied up the ravenous creature. Jim was also able to save granny, although he had to open the wolf’s body to do so.

Mr Stevenson, the Local hero, claimed ” I did what any normal person would do.” The now content Granny commented” It is amazing what you can see in a wolf’s stomach.”

Granny is fully recovered and accordingly she will be staying in her cottage again.

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