Beware Of Fire! By Sian

Beware of my claws,

as thy capture your breath.

Poisoning every spec of air.


I may be bright;

I may make you cough,

but you might not realise I’m there.


I am vigerous,

I smile in the face of danger.

I cough out smoke.


I flow like a stream;

I am as quiet as a whisper.

It is easy for me, to make you choke.


To defeat me,

you need water.

When I am only one flame.


Beware of my claws,

if they capture you breath,

you know there is only me to blame.


2 thoughts on “Beware Of Fire! By Sian

  1. It looks like you’ve all been busy with some exciting activities! I love the look of your history trail and Sian’s poem is amazing! Congratulations!

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