The schools spots by Martell,Nathan and Jedaiah

Today in maths we have given a task by our maths teacher Mr Murphy to calculate to count all of the spots in the whole class and school. We got all of the names written down on a piece of paper. We  came up with the class 6481 spots in 5M maths class but in the whole school altogether we made a total of approximately 90,000!!! We used a calculator to add up the total.


In numeracy today we have been leaning about perpendicular and parallel lines. We also are going to make a game. Some of children have all ready made their game. We are working in patterns, we also made a leaflet and in that leaflet there are lots of facts about perpendicular lines.

Numeracy in 5M

In Maths, this week we have been learning about area & perimeter.  We learnt a song which was REALLY funny and the best thing was that people performed it!  Danae, Ariana and Eeshah done it together but I’ve got to say Danae was the funniest.  Amara and Haven done it together and they were funny too. I can’t decide who was funnier. 

In mental maths this week me, Sian, Noor, Anouska, Vanita, Zuzanna, Aneesha, Simran and Eeshah were doing the Y6 mental maths paper and it is actually quite hard.

Half-term holiday by Fozia

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope that you all are having a wonderful holiday. Anyway what have you all been up to? To everyone celebrating Eid, I wish you all a very happy Eid Mubarak! I already miss everyone and it has not even been a full day yet! I can not wait to see you  all back after the holiday! Keep well, don`t forget me and have a lovely holiday.

Amara`s Goalscorer

As I walked down the street everything was different. It was like stepping into a different universe, honestly. I continued down the street but then I saw the strangest thing, there standing on the pavement were two little boys playing with a rubber tire. I looked around for their mother but there was no sign of anybody except two little girls talking on the edge of the pavement. I couldn’t believe it. Why were they on their own? Didn’t they have a mother? I decided to move on, however, out of the corner of my eye I saw a park.

Amara`s Goalscorer

It all started in Glouster at Morrisons. Aladdin was shopping for some milk, not anything else – it`s not like some mum`s who say they’re only buying one thing and come bundling out with a trolley full. It was because Aladdin was poor, so that’s why he was only buying 1 thing.