Our ‘Out Of This World’ Project

For this project, we are working in topic teams  and we had to pick a job out of team leader, time keeper,  Quality control, team rep and resource manager.

We then had 15 points between our group to pick out what we wanted to do from  a  selection of tasks. The tasks were to;  make a rap, design a logo, make a stop animation, make a horrible histories documentary, make a 3-D rocket, make a picture of your planet out of chalk, write a letter to the prime minister, make a charity appeal on the mac, present infomation in your kind of style and make a little holiday village. Or we could suggest our own ideas and as long as we could justify it then we could do it! The tasks varied from 3 points to 8 depending on what challenge the task was.  You can also get points by working collaboratively, quality of work and creativity.

Here are some pictures of our work in progress. We will keep you updated and show you our final projects at the end of the week.



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