Character Description of Hercules. By Bismah.

Hercules was a tall man with powerful shoulders, a fierce, dark face and a knife-like mouth. He had muscular arms with blisters and bruises as dark as the shadows of twilight. There was something quite perculiar about Hercules. Perhaps it was that his face was shaped liked the moon. Perhaps it was that he had a savage laughter which echoed in the distance beyond the stars. The face of Hercules was unnerving neither ageless nor sorrowful. He was twice as strong and powerful unlike a normal man. His eyes were fremon blue and his hair was light brown which lurked and brushed backwards from his temples. Everybody thought that he had astonishing beauty right from when he was a baby. His features were chriselled like a statue. His cheek bones were higher than normal which made him greater than everyone in Greece. He was one of a kind. His long, brown hair wrapped around him like a snake when it had found its prey.

Charecter Description of Hercules: Karolina

Hercules was staring into the distance. He was a brave man with muscular armS and, when the calm  wind came along  his hair brushed his ears softly. Slowly his dark black hair swayed like a twisted snake. His skin was as pale as a ghost. Quickly he appered, he was astonishingly handsome he shined like  the sun. His hair is as dark as the shadows of twilight. He is as kind as an angel in the sky.

My short story of Hercules. By Udeshpal.

This is my short story of Hercules.

In a land where there are phenominal gods lived the son of Zeus. His name was Hercules.

Every girl thought they were in heaven when they saw him. His face looked like he was a barbarian. His silky hair was as dark as the shadows of death. His laughter was like a savage beast. He had defeated thousands of warlords. Hercules was going to be named the new king of Athens. Now the prince of Athens thought that this was outrages. If his father died then Hercules would be the new king not him. Later that day The prince of Athens went to Hercules’s house. The prince of Athens lied to hercules and told him that he had a message from the king. The message was to go on 12 missions and if he completed the 12 missions then he would be named the new king of Athens. If he failed the 12 tasks and he didn’t come back alive then he would not be the new king. That night Hercules did not sleep. He was awake for hours wondering what to do. What would his father do. Would he accept the mission or would he not accept. Hercules did not know what to do.

That is my short story of Hercules. I hope you enjoyed it. 


Our Poem/Rap about the solar system By Max and Kamal

This is our topic’s table poem/rap.

These are the Planets next to the Sun, Mercury is number 1

Then its Venus, Earth and Mars, these are the closest to the stars,

Then its Jupiter and Saturn, they both count and don’t leave the last 3 out.

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto too, they are the furthest away from you.

Hope you like it because we do.

Amazing space by Hermina

Which is the biggest planet?
Jupiter is so big that all the other planets in the solar system can fit inside it.

Which planet has pulling power?
Astronomers notice neptune must be there before they saw it. They could tell something big was pulling uranus and they were able to predict exactly where neptune was almost 4.5 billion kilometres away from the sun.

What is the solar system?
The solar system means the sun.The solar system is centred around the sun.

Whats’s special about our planet?
Earth is the only planet in the solar system that has life. We have warmth from the sun,the other important main ingredient for life is liquid water. Earth has plenty of water.

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Thank you by hermina

All About The Sun By Uzmah

I have found out some information for our science topic at home.

The Sun

The sun is the most important part of the solar system. It holds all the planets in their positions in space and gives them their light and heat.Without the sun or the solar system it would be dark and cold.The sun is not solid like earth.It is a huge ball of fiery gases.The sun is the hottest thing in the solar system.

The sun is so incredibly hot that it can damage your eyes if you look at it.The surface of the sun is much cooler than the inside. The dark pathches on the sun are called sunspots.If there was no sun there would be no life on earth.The sun is much bigger than all the planets put together.

Harjun’s description of Hercules

Hercules was looking into the distance in a way which couldn’t be described. His face seemed to made of leather. His cape shone and when he looked at you it felt like the sun was engulfing you. The face of Hercules was unemotive, neither happy nor sad. His hair was raven black and long. He was astonishingly strong, his features were striking. His cloak was made out of a slaughtered lion’s skin, it was like a bullet proof vest. He was twice as powerful as any normal man. The people of Greece were frightened of Hercules because he always tells them that that they are no good, but his family thought that that he was as soft as a brush. Most of the Greek villagers thought he was just another one of those vicious fighters.

Hercules and Hadous description by Joshan


Hercules is more destructive than a vicious, bloodthirsty giant. He can be aggrisive and dangerous when he need to be. His musculer arms rip his clothes. His legs are as strong as steel bars and his eyes are as black as shadows of twilight. His hair is as yellow as the shimmering sun. When he speaks even the birds stop and listen to him. He is so powerful that he can carry the whole world on his back. However when he smiles the world smiles with him. All of his actions make princesses want to marry him.

Hadous(My mythical creture)

His jagged horns are as powerful as a soild rock. He runs like a cheatah and when he roars even the bravest knight backs away. His hench shoulder is an oak tree.

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Shawon’s Hercules description

Hercules stared into the distance. He had a face like a savage bear, ready to pounce on his victim. He was a ferocious, bold man with mammoth shoulders, a savage blood curdling face, and eyes that seemed to shine with shadows of death. His thick blood covered hair around him like a cloak.

His cloak, which was the skin of a blood thirsty merciless lion, was impenetrable (sword proof).  His knuckles were like hardcore metal and his beard was as thick as a coat.


Hercules was staring into the distance. He had a face like a savage, bear ready to pounce on his victim.

His thick blood covered hair, wrapped around him like a cloak. Hercules was a ferocious strong man with mammoth shoulders a savage blood covering face and eyes that seemed to shine with shadows of death.  His body and face had blood dripping down on the floor. His massive red eyes were shining like the sun. He had a large sharp sword clutching his hands. It was a face to be dominated or to fight, and his caped lion skin was impenetrable (sword proof) and his long, messy thick beard was like a coat.