Epic Dragon Rap By Kamal & Rayan

Most Dragons breath fire and don’t you dare call me a liar.

Listen to me now Dragons exist but you never ever see them because they hide in the mist.

They fly around the fortress with ultimate grace and they will never ever lose a race.

Giants are so tall but if they fall they will cause an earthquake and brake the wall.

Lava Jaws will crush you with their paws they are also long ranged and overtime their skills will change.

Minotaurs will lower their horns and they will charge at you without any cause, and they will not pause until they smash your jaws but they can’t attack Dragons because Dragons have terrible claws.


3 thoughts on “Epic Dragon Rap By Kamal & Rayan

  1. I really like the rhymes you’ve used in this rap. My favourite bit is the third sentence because I think your vocabulary is really mature and descriptive. Have you ever peformed it?
    Mrs Day – Shireland Collegiate Academy

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