Hercules’ description. By Jai

Hercules is a powerful, invincible man with hench, solid shoulders, an ageless determined face, and eyes that seemed to pierce a knife into your heart. He has a face like a vicious, blood-thirsty beast! His face dominates with uncontrollable anger.

He has a voice which booms like thunder, causing even a king to fall silent in respect. One stern word will cause instant chills down your spine. He rules all living life like a god.

He is aggressive when he needs to be, however when he turns on the charm the ladies fall to his feet!

Hercules is probably the most arrogant, cocky person you’ll ever meet.

One large step will cause the entire villiage to shake and almost making it collapse!

Back to his charming looks. Even though he’s a burning fireball when fighting, when he smiles the whole world smiles back and with him.  His pupils are the moon eclipsing with the radiant, beaming sun!

One thought on “Hercules’ description. By Jai

  1. Wow Jai, Fantastic well done this is a great description, I’m glad the whole can love it too 😉 😛 😮 🙂 😀 8)

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