Why are people different by Liam

People are different because otherwise life would be boring. Let me tell you about my family. On monday 16 march my uncle graduated from studing law.He got lots of certificates and he even bought me the best best present.It was an xbox36o and 3 games.

My dad who is called Jhon was a boxer in the olden days. My uncle is called  Shane he is a blackbelt in karate. Both of them used to win lots and lots of trophies, I mean lots. My Nan was a nurse who looked after sick people in africa.

When it was my brother’s birthday me and my Mom bought him a Xbox and when me and my mom gave him it he was crying and laughing at the same time. We even had a BBQ he was playing his Xbox for the whole of his bithday he was playing JamesBond.

Did you know that my grandad was Chinese? I look different because I have lots of different nationalities in my family and at is one of he things that makes me special.

7 thoughts on “Why are people different by Liam

  1. WOW! that is fantastic. I cannot believe that your dad and grandad won lots of trophies. if you say lots how much are you talking about? Anyway this post is cool 😎

    • I agree Liam I never knew your family had different nations i’m a great mix myself
      One of my aunts are Indian, another is Jamician and my parents are African and I9’m half british and half African 😛 😮 🙂 😉

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