Sports Relief in 5M! By: Sidra and Aaliya

 Today was a FAB day in 5M because we started off in the morining  with with a fantastic sporty warm up to the Rocky theme tune and everyone loved it. We all stood up and we punched our arms in the air and we did lots of different boxing inspired moves! Then we started to get ready to leave so we could do our mile run in Warley Woods with the rest of the school.

When we arrived at the woods we started doing the  mile run. It was quite exhausting and if we sat down one the teachers would try and cheer us on so we could make it to the end. Everyone did something during the walk for example some of us ran, some walked and some even took a basket ball.So today it was a really fun, joyful day for 5M.

Everyone  in the class dressed up  in a fabulous  sporty  outfit. It really was a  fun-filled day for us but we didn’t forget the serious message.

Here are some facts about sport relief!

  •  Sport Relief brings the entire nation together to get active, raise cash and change lives.
  • Everyone can take part even at events across the UK.
  • The money you raise is spent by Comic Relief to help people living tough lives

15 thoughts on “Sports Relief in 5M! By: Sidra and Aaliya

  1. It was funny when we did a rocky theme excercise.Everyone had enjoy themselves. It was fun and exhausting when we did the mile I had a wonderful time today did you. We also had to dress up of the theme of sports.

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